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All Genius, All Idiot #adlfringe


All Genius, All Idiot #adlfringe

Amy Clark

When it comes to this Stockholm-based mash up of circus, comedy and music, the title couldn’t be more accurate.

Some parts of the show are all genius.

Others, all idiot.

All Genius All Idiot

Attempting to portray the fine line between genius and idiocy within society, the hour long spectacular takes the audience on an intriguing, sometimes confusing, but ultimately enjoyable journey.

Much like a road trip, some parts of said journey dragged. Perhaps I'm a tad too basic to understand what was going on, but I found myself – although mesmerised in a hypnotic trance – completely lost in where the storyline was going.

Even though you could hear the audience collectively thinking out loud in overdrive to discern the hidden meaning of the show, there’s still no denying the high level of skill and talent on display.

Featuring aerial stunts, ground acrobatics, interpretive dance, pole work and other inhuman like movements, the Svalbard Company performers swung, rolled, tumbled and jumped across every inch of the stage.

One of the standout performances of the production comes from the narrator of the show – a transgender, cross dressing moose. Try saying that fast five times.

All Genius All Idiot

Original music and creative sound effects add an extra element of confusion and intrigue to the already complex act… and this musical element is also what brings the show to its climax.

It’s the last few minutes towards the end that are the most exciting. The show’s finale is definitely the highlight of the hour, as it sees a departure from the weird, ‘what the hell’s going on’ to the weird – ‘I don’t know what this means but I love it!’

If you’re looking for a show to cruise through, this one’s not for you, but if you want to use your brain, exchange confused glances with the people next to you, experience a few belly laughs and leave feeling a bit uneasy, All Genius All Idiot has you covered.

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