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Courtney Barnett Knows What's Good For You - And She's Bringing It To Adelaide


Courtney Barnett Knows What's Good For You - And She's Bringing It To Adelaide

Patrick Martin

Has Courtney Barnett ever not been apart of the Australian music fold? With all of her successes over the last four years, it feels like her unique and divisive drawl has been a part of the Australian musical landscape since forever.

It only feels like yesterday that she played a sold-out show at The Gov. Though even after the four ARIA awards, a Grammy nomination, countless television performances and an ever-growing swarm of fans, Barnett seems determined to go back to where it all began - Milk! Records.

Milk! Records was the birth of it all, with Barnett starting the record label and releasing her first EP I've Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris back in 2012. Fast-forward to 2016 and the stable is looking talented and full at Milk! Records. And because Courtney knows what is good for us, she's bringing them all to Adelaide for a special all-in show at Fat Controller.

If you have ever wanted to see one of Australia's premier song writers jam with some of her closest and most talented friends, this is your chance.

While some names may ring a bell, many will not. A bit of digging through back catalogues will unearth many collaborations between Barnett and her Milk! Record friends.

But who are these rag-tag bunch of Milk! Records stable-mates?

NAME: Jen Cloher

STYLE: Singer song-writer

ORIGIN: Melbourne

PLAYED WITH: Rodriguez

SOUNDS LIKE: Self-assured song writing with undertones of frustration and despair.

NAME: Fraser A. Gorman

STYLE: Folky Americana.

ORIGIN: Melbourne

PLAYED WITH: The Panics, Paul Dempsey

SOUNDS LIKE: Playful, irreverent singer song-writer with a hefty wit.

NAME: Ouch My Face

STYLE: Art Punk, Experimental Punk

ORIGIN: Melbourne

PLAYED WITH: Sleater Kinney

SOUNDS LIKE: A deranged punk band on the verge of implosion.

NAME: East Brunswick All Girls Choir      

STYLE: Glum Rock

ORIGIN: Melbourne/Bendigo/Berlin/New Zealand

SOUNDS LIKE: Townes Van Zandt if had he run into a sludgy blues band at his peak.

NAME: The Finks

STYLE: Bedroom Folk

ORIGIN: Melbourne

SOUNDS LIKE: Sweet and undeterred song writing unpolluted by the outside world.

The 'Good For You' tour rolls into Adelaide on March 3 at Fat Controller. Tickets can be found here.

All images courtesy of Milk! Records.