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Interview: Alpine


Interview: Alpine

Kate Sansome

Recently, This Is Radelaide got the amazing opportunity to talk to the ever-lovely, Phoebe Baker from Melbourne band, Alpine.  Last year, the band released the follow up to their 2012 debut album, A is for Alpine, with their indie dance-pop record, Yuck.  After receiving critical acclaim for their sophomore record, 2015 saw Alpine tour nationally, internationally and on the line-up for basically every summer festival.  Recently Alpine was announced to be joining the likes of The Cat Empire and Sarah Blasko on the WOMAdelaide line-up for 2016.  We chatted to Alpine about all things WOMAD, the third single off Yuck, music videos and writing for their third album. 


Alpine at The Gov 2015

Alpine at The Gov 2015

Hey, thanks for talking with This Is Radelaide!
Aw, pleasure.

So, how has the past year been since the release of your sophmore album ‘Yuck’?
It has been good, really good, also fairly busy and lovely.

You just released the third single off the album, ‘Crunches,’ can you tell us a bit about it?
Yeah, well Crunches, I cannot quite remember when we wrote it now, it was quite a long time ago now, but Crunches was one of the tracks on the album that I think was really different from our first album but it sounded very us.  Crunches is a big, kind of post break up, hurrah, uplifting song,  I think… well, I hope. 

Are there any plans for a music video for ‘Crunches’?
Um, not quite sure at this stage but I will keep you posted.

I absolutely adored the music videos for ‘Foolish’ and ‘Damn Baby,’ can you tell us about how they came about?
Yeah, so Foolish was directed by this guy called, Tristan Jalleh (who directed Oscar Key Sung’s music video, All I Could Do), he is an incredible director and does the coolest things with computer graphics.  I am not quite sure how he does it but je just sat down with us and we talked about the concept and what we wanted from the video clip and we created something really us. Same with Damn Baby, which was directed by Tim Royall from the band and so it feels like it portrays who we are, really well.


So you are performing at WOMAD this year, have you ever been there before?
No I haven’t, but I am so excited though.  I have heard so much about it and I am really excited.

Can we expect anything different from your WOMAD performance?
Oh, always! We always try to do something different, I don’t like doing the same show twice. 

You have done a lot of touring and festival appearances over the past year, do you go about the show differently for a festival than a gig?
Yeah, I mean you react differently to your environment so it sort of changes anyway.  I think the festival vibe evokes something different to a gig vibe, I guess because you are playing in amongst… nature.

Will you get the chance to see anyone on the WOMAD line-up and if so, who are you excited to see?
I hope to see DeLaSoul, St Germain, Ainslie Wills and Sarah Blasko.  There are lots but also a lot to discover.

Are you in the process of your third album?
Yeah, we are writing, it is very exciting.

Are you going to go about it any differently?
I think we are going to do something different but you know we have not really set a plan, it will just come about naturally.  You never known what to expect, we just try and write sounds that we enjoy.

So did you have plan when it came to ‘Yuck’ or did that come about naturally?
Um, that was pretty natural as well, we had a vague time frame, but again pretty natural and organic.  But it is nice to do different things so that the album will feel a little different, I don’t know I can’t tell you, it is a secret. *laughs*

So, do you have any plans for the rest of the year?
Um, writing.  That is the big one and we shall just go from there and see what happens.

Thanks for talking to us, we're super excited to see you at WOMAD!
My pleasure and oh that is wicked, I will see you there, I am so excited. WOO, WOMAD!

Alpine at The Gov

Alpine at The Gov

Alpine will be playing WOMAdelaide on Monday the 14th of March 2016

Header image via Tracey Lee Hayes