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Don't Wait 'Till Dusk, Party with Day Club


Don't Wait 'Till Dusk, Party with Day Club

Madeleine Manglaras

'Vinum et musica laetificant cor'
(wine and music warm the heart)

Don't say there's nothing to do in Adelaide during the day. Especially not to Ryley Smithson or Dylan Sanders.

Ryley's the current Drive announcer on Fresh 92.7, while Dylan works for the Ministry of Sound in Sydney, and with 20 years of DJing and 10 years of event hosting between them, you can guarantee they know a little bit about what makes a good party. Want to know their secret? Just give them the time of day. 

Introducing Day Club, Adelaide's first nightclub...during the day. 

Their debut event, Day Club 0001, was a boat party with Adelaide DJs Motez and Flamingo in December. Their second event, Day Club 0002, was last Saturday, at the Festival Theatre Bistro, overlooking the River Torrens right next to the Torrens footbridge, and featuring Sydney DJ POOLCLVB.

It was the Adelaide boys' love of fine wine, good company, and mellow beats that came to realise a place where anyone would be welcome to enjoy a classier nightclub experience illuminated by the sun: an experience where one does not step in another's spew (at least not without seeing it first).

'Day Club is all about taking iconic Adelaide locations and taking really amazing music and great wine and just mashing all of those together,' says Ryley.

'It’s so simple. We can’t understand why no one’s done it before,' he laughs.

Day Club founders Ryley Smithson and Dylan Sanders. 

Day Club founders Ryley Smithson and Dylan Sanders. 

Day Club 0001, an instant hit. 

Day Club 0001, an instant hit. 

'We wanted to create a place where we could relax, have some drinks, and then it would turn into a bit of a party atmosphere later with the idea being that we would finish off where most clubs start. A day event gives us musical flexibility: to play music that's lighter, more down tempo, and then gradually bring the day up — finishing at dusk where nightclubs can take over.'

Essentially, Day Club has revived the tired clubbing experience with a new, almost back-to-front take on 'going out'. Instead of a pressure to hit the dance floor when you arrive at the club and the night slowing down towards closing time, Day Club starts off with a relaxed vibe and lets the day gradually ramp up at a natural progression.

It's also an opportunity to showcase down tempo music genres that are often underrepresented in the Adelaide club scene, and a place where you can bring your friends, celebrate your birthday, or just enjoy a clubbing experience that's casual, cultured, and rollicking good fun.  

As the idea gains momentum, Ryley and Dylan will look beyond Adelaide for venues so that Day Club can travel to a variety of different locations to make each party an exclusive, one-off experience you won't want to miss. 

Whether it sounds like your jam or not, you can't deny that Day Club's bringing a little ray of sunshine to the Adelaide clubbing scene. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of Day Club 0003 on their Facebook page. 

All images via Day Club.