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St. Jerome's Laneway Festival: Harts Mill Highlight Reel


St. Jerome's Laneway Festival: Harts Mill Highlight Reel

Alana Trezise

The 2016 edition of Laneway at Harts Mill in Port Adelaide was truly electric. It may have been the sunshine, the awesome venue or the absolutely bang on line-up, but together this trio proved to the rest of Australia why Adelaide was chosen as the first stop on the Laneway circit. 

With the Adelaide Fringe on our door-step and the Festival season approaching, we have deemed it fully necessary to stare nostalgia in the face and give you our 2016 Laneway Festival Highlights. 



How can we possibly pick one act to take out top-music-dog. With a line-up including the likes of CHVURCHES, Flume, Grimes, Purity Ring and Smith Street Band... it just isn't possible. In no particular order here are our top picks from the day. 


We could feel the buzz throughout the entirety of Hermitude's set. With each song, the crowd danced harder and the beats became louder. Essentially everyone knew every song they played because let's face it... Hermitude. At any festival, you can rely on these guys for a good time. Thanks for the memories. #SLAY




Since releasing her debut album Geidi Primes back in 2010, this kawaii AF chick has been on our radar. After listening to Grimes' albums for a good 5-or-so years, it was pretty amazing to see her electro-synth pop come to life. Every aspect of her performance from the colours on stage, to her outfit and of course her music, came together like clockwork. Combining some of her older tracks such as Genesis and Whoknoidontno, with tracks from her latest album Art Angel, her set was enchanting and just too god-damn good. 

Violent Soho

laneway 12.jpg

Waving the Aussie flag, these guys absolutely deserve a mention. Filled with energy (as per), the Aussie rock outfit got the crowd singing along within minutes of jumping on stage. Circle pits, crowd surfing and head-banging were all very much present during their set, spurred on by the insanely good vibes put out by the boys. There was guitar ditching and sing-alongs aplenty. 10/10.


An honorable mention must of-course go to Adelaide band The Heart Aches for repping Adelaide and our rad local music scene. Thrashing around the stage to their Aussie punk-rock sound, these boys opened up the festival with a bloody big bang. 

Also, shout-out to CHVRCHES for absolutely killing their set. In comparison to their last Harts Mill Laneway Festival performance, when their sound system blew out from the unbearable heat, the Scottish born band did themselves so much justice. 



Each year the Harts Mill venue keeps on getting better and better. The first year Laneway Festival was held at Port Adelaide there was no shade or grass, the food trucks were condensed to one lane and it was essentially one big dust pit. Last year, the team went to great lengths to fix these issues - and boy, did it pay off. 2016 brought another re-jigged layout of the festival, providing easier access to water stations added toilets, fenced off grass area and an abundace of shade. Kudos, team. 


Thank-you, St. Jerome's Laneway Festival for once again out doing yourselves. For our full photo gallery, click HERE.

All photos taken by Wade Whitington