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A Night With Nathan Hawes


A Night With Nathan Hawes

Jordan Tito

As doors opened at 6pm, fans sprinted through the colourful Jive doors, eager to get front of stage and to be within breathing radius of the one and only, Nathan Hawes. Stealing the hearts of the nation after starring on Australia’s reality TV show The Voice, Hawes has seen success with the release of his debut EP Left With the Wolves, as well as a national 2016 tour.

Paige Renee Court

Supporting the young gun was Adelaide’s very own Paige Renee Court, who greeted the loving fans with some of her soothing and soulful tunes. Opening with, “Who’s here for Nathan?”, which was followed by a parade of screams, she started with Tinder’s Flame - a song she always points out is not named after the Tinder app. With witty lyrical hooks in tunes Bitter and Violent Love, Paige’s newest song Ashes To The River sent shivers up spines. Her lyrics ‘still feeling like a star on a gloomy night’, engulfed and echoed throughout the room while audiences stood in awed-silence. Treating us to a cheeky Bill Withers/Meg Mac cover, and a gorgeous rendition of everyone’s Toy Story favourite You’ve got a Friend In Me, she closed with a Ray Charles cover of Hit The Road Jack which was received with thunderous cheers and clapping hands. 

Nathan Hawes on the Jive stage,  image   via Elleigh Turner

Nathan Hawes on the Jive stage, image via Elleigh Turner

The coastal heart throb Nathan Hawes has been causing a stir, with sold-out performances and pop-up backyard shows across the nation. With his guitar sat across his lap, he started with Warmth, a song that truly showcases Nathan as a multi-talented musician. Plucking the strings of his guitar with one hand, and tapping his other to create a beat that coincided with a bass drum, his silky smooth voice was the icing on the triple tiered cake that is Nathan Hawes. His impeccable tone was clearly evident as he trailed off more original tunes including These Days and Leave It Alone. He won over the older audience members with covers of Fleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak and Bob Dylan. Resembling a young Matt Corby, the combination of heat, possible pre-drinks and pure fandom sent some fans down as the show halted when one member was rushed outside after collapsing. Plugging into an electric guitar, Hawes kicked things back up, telling the crowd it's "time to get groovy". 

Serenading the end of the night with his catchy hit Left With The Wolves, Nathan concluded a great performance that was truly worth all the hype. This boy is going places, keep your eyes peeled Australia. 

Images via This Is Radelaide