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Nick Focareta

The fifth instalment in the Underworld franchise, Underworld: Blood Wars sees the return of the timeless Kate Beckinsale as Death Dealer Selene in her continued struggle as a Vampire in a world plagued by Lycans.

After an uncharacteristic 4 year hiatus between films (the previous gaps were only 3 years) Blood Wars, with first time director Anna Foerster at the helm, opens with a clumsy recap in an attempt to make this a standalone sequel for those less acquainted with the series.

Since discovering she has a hybrid Vampire/Lycan daughter Eve, whose DNA can create a new super race, Selene has been in hiding from well, basically everyone. The Lycans have banded together, this time lead by the mysterious Marius (Tobias Menzie) who intends to capture Eve and wait for it, create a new super race. That is the entire premise of the movie.

The narrative is flimsy, the characters shallow and the fantasy elements underwhelming. The action sequences however, are engrossing. Martial arts are integrated seamlessly with shoot outs and sieges to deliver some pretty bad ass, albeit ungrounded, fight scenes. At one point there’s even a Mortal Combat fatality inspired kill.

Underworld: Blood Wars definitely isn’t a genre defining effort or even anything new, but it’s what we’ve all come to love and expect from the Underworld universe.

Header Image via Sony Pictures