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Luna & Luxe: A Candle Range That Makes Sense


Luna & Luxe: A Candle Range That Makes Sense

Adrienne Goode

Lisa McFarlane cherishes fine design, eco-friendly wares, and turning everyday moments into personal experiences. With a background in aromatherapy and naturopathy alike, McFarlane enables you to take a mental vacation in a sweet-smelling environment with her boutique candle label, Luna & Luxe.

Each candle blend is carefully created from essential oils and natural fragrances and then hand poured with the utmost love by McFarlane herself. These seriously lavish products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made from environmentally sustainable soy bean wax, which in turn promises a long lasting smell—and we’re completely addicted. The scent, however, isn’t the only tasteful element, as the glass and marble canisters with sleek copper detailing and wooden finishes ooze with opulence and luxury at a seriously affordable price. It’s a win, win!

Hopefully you love your house smelling like fruity desserts as much as we do, because the Lime & Coconut is a delicious mix of lime, citrus, coconut, and vanilla bean. We won’t be held responsible for your sudden craving for coconut-inspired desserts, but we will encourage you to give in and indulge in the aroma. If coconut isn't your flavour, then don't worry! With 8 established scents, 2 Christmas scents, and more on the way, you're bound to find something to tickle your tastebuds.

We caught up with McFarlane at the Bowerbird Markets to talk about her candle range, shopping local and, of course, the best scents for summertime.

Image via Luna & Luxe

Image via Luna & Luxe

What was your inspiration behind the name Luna & Luxe?

I have always loved the name Luna (it means moon) but my husband didn't want to use it for a baby name so I used it for my business. I wanted to incorporate Luxe in there as I knew that we would be offering a luxury product, no matter which direction our company took. 

Luna & Luxe began as merely a candle brand, however you now also offer a variety of homewares. Can you tell us about your motivation behind extending and diversifying your range?

I want to offer products other than candles. When I'm looking at new products I look for things that I would want in my house.  With two small children I don't get to buy expensive pieces as much as I'd like to, so I look for things that can add a little pop to your space without it costing too much. I'll be adding more homewares next year, so that's exciting!

How has your background in naturopathy and aromatherapy helped you in creating non-toxic and eco-friendly products? 

As a naturopath and nutritionist, health and wellbeing is really important to me. I hate the idea of breathing in nasty chemicals, fillers and petroleum by-products like those from paraffin candles so I have chosen to work with a very clean, pure soy wax. It means my profit margin is less but I couldn't sell something I wasn't happy with. 

Your candles are all organic, eco-friendly, and hand made. How does this approach to creating tie in with your own beliefs?

Handmade is important as it is done with a lot of love. Anyone can buy something from a factory but people often don't realise how much goes in to a handmade product- from the mixing of the oils for the scents to sticking each label on to each candle, it's all done by hand.  

Your candles come in an array of different delicious-smelling fragrances. Which scent is your personal favourite?

My favourite scent has always been Sweet Lime & Basil; it's so fresh and uplifting! But I have just launched Grapefruit and it is really good – perfect for summer!

The Bowerbird Markets unite several of Australia’s independent designers and encourages market buyers to meet the makers. How important do you believe this interactive and ‘shop-local’ approach is?

I am a big advocate for shopping local; from food to gifts to coffee I try to shop "small" wherever I can. I love the idea of supporting a local person or family to help make their business successful and support their dreams. I really enjoy meeting my customers and hearing their stories. I have so many regulars that I just adore and feel so flattered by their support.

Image via Luna & Luxe

Image via Luna & Luxe

Visit the Luna & Luxe website here, follow them on Instagram here and like them on Facebook here.

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