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Beaches, Bikes & Bushwalking: Radelaide’s Budget Guide to Fitness in the New Year


Beaches, Bikes & Bushwalking: Radelaide’s Budget Guide to Fitness in the New Year

Erin Gear

If you’re making New Year’s resolutions for 2017, the chances are high that saving money and/or getting fit will be on your list. Let’s be honest, these have been our New Year’s resolutions for the past five years with little, to no, success. But don’t throw in the towel just yet because we’ve devised the Radelaidian way for you to get fit and save money in the New Year.

If you’re hesitant about forking out fortnightly gym payments, consider these free local exercise options:


We have some great beaches in Radelaide, and they’re not all as people-packed as Glenelg. Some of the best beaches to visit for a workout are Henley, Grange, Semaphore and Moana (if you feel like a drive).

Did you know a light jog along the sand burns nearly double the calories the same jog along hard pavement does - that sounds like a pretty good excuse to visit the beach. Sand is great for resistance training and is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness New Years resolution goals. 

The boardwalk at Hallett Cove is another great beach-style cardio exercise, which is sure to be a whole lot more exciting than a two-hour session on the stair-master or elliptical. 

Beach Yoga Adelaide hosts $15 yoga classes on the seashore which are really great if you have a little extra spare change. No membership is required, you just turn up with a towel and $15 cash, how great is that!

Image via Beach Yoga Adelaide  

Image via Beach Yoga Adelaide 


You can hire bikes for free (yes you read that right) in the city at these locations. Cycling is a low impact exercise that uses you’re entire body which is especially good for fat loss - something I think is on all of our minds after the Christmas feasts. The bike tracks around the Torrens River are a great place to start if you’re a cycling newbie. 

Image via Adelaide City Council

Image via Adelaide City Council


Bushwalking sounds a lot more exciting, and more Australian than 'hiking' - so that’ll be our lingo. Or, if you bring a backpack with a healthy picnic assortment then I think you can get away with calling it ‘backpacking’ - not quite the European adventure type, but hey that’s what you’re saving for right?

We have some really great bushwalking spots in Radelaide for beginner, intermediate and advanced bushwalkers. Mt Lofty is a hike you should attempt to tackle at least once in 2017, but perhaps not straight away. The following bushwalking trails will prepare you for the ultimate Mt Lofty hike:

Chambers Gully (9.6km)
Anstey Hill Loop (7.5km)
Morialta Conservation Park Plateau Hike (4.1km - but very challenging)

Image via Journey Era

Image via Journey Era

Hopefully with a little help from this guide you’ll come out of 2017 with some savings and feeling fitter, healthier and happier!

Happy New Year from the This Is Radelaide team!

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