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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Check Out Sparkke’s Cans


Check Out Sparkke’s Cans

Caitlin Tait

Believe that Australia has ‘boundless plains to share’ (as our national anthem would suggest?) Or spent some time thinking about how we should change the date of Australia Day? You’re not alone.

Sparkke Change

Local entrepreneurs at The Sparkke Change Beverage Company are creating socially conscious beverages with heart and soul a-plenty.

Sparkke is a female-led company, brewing apple cider, pilsner, ginger beer, and hard lemonade. The group of world-changing women have gathered from all parts of the world, coming together to fight discrimination and bigotry.

What do you talk about over a drink with friends? What your plans are for the weekend? How work is going?

Sparkke is giving you the chance to discuss gender equality, or consent, with the people around you. ‘The refreshing taste of a better future’, as Sparkke says.

Imagine a hearty debate followed with a mouthful from a 'Nipples are Nipples' can.

They’re also giving 10% of sales directly to the causes aligned with their cans. Heart eyes. They know what we’re about.

Note: the crowd funding is over, so just enjoy this pretty video and get ready to buy a case!


If you’re anything like me, the political landscape causes a bit (a lot) of heartache and a headache. Doing something joyful while making a difference gets a tick in our books.

I’ll drink to that.


Visit Sparkke's website here.

Find them on social media @sparkkechange on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Buy a case of your beverage of choice here.


Images via Sparkke Change's Facebook page.