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Flume Took Over The Adelaide Entertainment Centre


Flume Took Over The Adelaide Entertainment Centre

wade whitington

Let me set the scene. Vince Staples had the entire audience captivated from the get-go. He stood out in his crisp white shirt and blue jeans in front of the screen, with video clips from 80's cult movies such as 'Ghost' and 'American Beauty' playing in the background.

Staples was dancing around the stage to his electric lyrics, with everyone either singing along - or trying. He oozed cool, and I don't think I'm the only one who was thinking this. Staples leaves the stage, and people quickly start swarming in with anticipation.

Vine Staples Adelaide
Vine Staples Adelaide


As the crowd became rowdier and more excited than before, Flume's light show lit up the room; so incredible, at points it felt like an art installation instead of a concert.

He constantly built up the crowd, leaving them begging for the drop. At many points I was left wondering whether or not he could have better used his time, there were so many long-winded build ups that he didn't even get to play the best of his remixes. His light show made up for it though, the crowd were mind blown and lapping every second of it up.

Before the end of his performance, Flume came out for an encore of his Triple J's 'Like A Version' Running Man - there wasn't a frown in the entire place. The man knows how to own a venue.

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All photos by Wade Whitington