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Radelaidian's Doing Cool Shit #9: Alex Kay


Radelaidian's Doing Cool Shit #9: Alex Kay

Alexia Frangos

To her mates she's A.K and to her family she's Alexandra, but no matter what you call her, this chick is the most down-to-earth, honest and modest person you'll ever meet. For being just 27 she's owned her own online magazine, completed her Bachelor of Law and Media, and had her own show at Radio Adelaide. She's interviewed bands like Toto at 19 and filled her resume with self-motivated projects before scoring an internship-turned-career at 5/4 Entertainment. She also made a video in January to make Hoops by The Rubens #1 on Triple J's Hottest 100. She filmed over 6 months and condensed it into 2:38 minutes, reaching almost 130,500 views on Facebook with The Rubens sharing it on their page! 

We sat down with Alex to talk work, Euro trips with her bestie Tkay Maidza, DJing at Rhino Room, giving life to Laneway Festival, and everything else she juggles in between.

In her element, stop being perf.

In her element, stop being perf.

So tell us about what you do and what goes on at 5/4 Entertainment.

The word entertainment is really important because there's no way you can define what the company does – we have so many projects going all the time and we're such a small group that we get to try out everything. From artist management, running music festivals, touring bands around Adelaide (when bands don’t play here), and booking live music venues like Fat ControllerUni Bar, Ed Castle, Crown & Anchor and the Exeter. I don’t really have a defined title, mainly [my boss] Ross and I do the events and venue bookings, but the biggest job I have throughout the year is on-ground work for Laneway Festival... it's my baby! I'm the activations manager so I book in pretty much everything that isn’t the bands.

Also we own some club nights at Rhino Room; we do Transmission and Taking Back Saturday (that was my brain child), and we DJ on weekends. It doesn’t feel like work 'cause who can feel like they're working when you're basically just screaming Welcome To The Black Parade while everyone's just like crying but good crying?

The highlight of my year was becoming an emo DJ because Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are my life so I think I found my calling.

So did you meet Tkay by working at 5/4?

Yeah on my first day as an intern she was in the office but Ross didn't introduce us so we just didn't talk and it was kinda awkward, but over time we've become such good friends. I'm honestly so blessed to have met Tkay. If I hadn’t have met her I'm not sure what my life would be like right now, all of the opportunities that I've been given that have been massive I really owe to her and our relationship.

A.K and Tkay take on Europe.

A.K and Tkay take on Europe.

Do you get that feeling when you meet someone and you're like 'this is one of my humans'. We connect on such a level and I feel like we were put on earth to meet. Carry On is my running track, now I've seen the video so many times I imitate the dance moves when I'm working out and everyone's like what is that girl doing.

She's going to do huge things and I'm really proud of her. I'm so glad to have gotten my job at 5/4 and to have met her, life would be very different without her.

You and Tkay went on a huuuge trip around Europe this year and to so many festivals, how was that?

Well Tkay was lucky enough to get booked on some greeeeat festivals across the UK and Sweden. She did Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Reading and Leeds, Pukkelpop, Way Out West and performed at a nightclub in Ibiza with Martin Solveig! We had an amazing time playing huge venues – it was a really eye opening experience to see how everything's run on that scale. I've been as a punter myself cause I love those festivals but so different behind the scenes, it was a game changer for me.

We were at Pukkelpop watching Catfish and the Bottlemen and I left that gig and started walking back to our dressing room, I remember seeing Good Charlotte, Alex Turner, and Last Shadow Puppets, got to the dressing room and just cried. I was like [to Tkay] 'dude do you ever just think about our life?' and she was like 'yeah we're doing good stuff here.'

[In Ibiza] crazy that at 5am in a nightclub on the other side of the world she was playing Do It Right with Martin Solveig and hundreds of fans are screaming the lyrics back at her, it was one of those moments I'll never forget. You live for those moments.
Her photography skills are real too.

Her photography skills are real too.

Beside being all over the music scene in RADL, you actually add to it too?

So I'm in a vocal group called Voice Of Transition and it's run by my singing teacher and we're her ex-students, it's adult contemporary choir and we perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival every year. It's really nice being a Fringe artist and I live for the Fringe Club – there's so many talented people in our group and we all geek out about music. I've found great friends and wouldn't change it for the world. We're performing at the Fringe on the 18th/19th of February and 18th/19th of March.

Okay work and music aside – where do you like to eat?

Well funny you ask 'cause I'm addicted to eating. I love Osteria Oggi, they've never made a bad dish there, everything is impeccable. Uhh I could have some Oggi right now, Osteria Oggi sponsor me pls! But I love Press too, and of course Laksa House on Hutt Street.

Just chillin' with The Rubens.

Just chillin' with The Rubens.

Alright finally, 3 people dead or alive at a dinner party, who do you invite?

UH oh my god this is so bad! Okay, I'm gonna forget someone, okay, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 'cause I love him, uuuuuhm Hilary Duff - she's quality, why are you laughing? - ahhh andddd *contemplates for another 3 minutes* Childish Gambino.


Catch Alex at the Fringe Festival in 2017 with her vocal group, or at Rhino Room, or at Laneway Fest, or with Tkay, or at Oggi. Thanks for taking time out of your cray cray schedule to talk to us! 


Images via stalking AK's facebook photos.