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Jesse Davidson talks GOLD FUSION


Jesse Davidson talks GOLD FUSION

Dasha Romanowski

GOLD FUSION is the newest addition to Adelaide’s expanding roster of kick-ass music festivals. Set to take place on January 6 at Published Arthouse, the day will see performances from internationally acclaimed electronica god Oscar Key Sung, synth-pop babes I Know Leopard and indie-rock honey Ali Barter. 

As well as its impressive headliners, GOLD FUSION will see some top-notch local acts take to the stage including Jesse Davidson, Koral and the Goodbye Horses, Sincerely, Grizzly and Glass Skies

Also, if you like beer, there will be beer. Yes! (You should definitely buy the beer because it’s by Grumpy’s Brewhaus who unfortunately experienced a devastating fire at their brewery last week). Other bevvies will be provided by the Australian Cider Co and New Era Vineyards, as well as some delish gourmet burgers by the Publishers Hotel.

If you’re not already keen enough for this ripper of a fest, read on to get keen-er. We caught up with fellow Radeladian and all-round good bloke Jesse Davidson to see what he’s been getting up to ahead of his upcoming appearance at GOLD FUSION.

Make sure to book tickets to avoid missing out on what is set to be an awesome day!

What’ve you been up to lately?

I’ve been recording a lot of music for next year, so I’m working on an album right now. It’s like 80% finished. I’m still just doing vocals and mixing and stuff but it should come out next year.

Yeah, sweet. How long have you been working on the tracks for?

It’s basically been the whole year in some form, like writing it and slowly recording piece by piece, so it’s taken a while but I’m finally starting to see an end in sight.

What can listeners expect from the finished product?

It’s pretty diverse at the moment, I think. There’s a couple of shoegazier songs, it’s pretty diverse… I guess you’ll have to wait and see how it sounds.

I remember hearing you on triple j a few years back and thinking, wow, this guy’s sound is sick, but to be honest I haven’t listened to much of your stuff since then! How would you describe your current style?

Well, the last EP was kind of synth-poppy with a bit of psych influence and indie influence I guess. I think the next one’s gonna be more song-orientated.

You also mentioned it’s a bit shoegazey so it sounds like there’s a bit of everything going on?

Yeah, and there’s also some weird dancey kind of song — well, not dance, but like… I dunno what I’m saying. There’s some more upbeat kind of tracks that you could dance to but not necessarily a dance song…

That’s the thing with describing music though, it’s like, how do I pinpoint this sound that is like everything ever?

Yeah [laughs]. It’s basically ripping off the last 40 years of music.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

People like David Bowie. He’s a good bloke. It’s pretty diverse, it’s like anybody, you’re just copying whatever’s been around for the last few decades. I like the Talking Heads. They’re a pretty big influence on the new album, I think.

Have you been gigging much lately?

Mostly just local shows. I played a couple of supports, I did a support with Holy Holy and Dope Lemon recently and also did this little festival called Handpicked Festival. There were a couple of shows earlier in the year interstate.

Who are your must-see acts at GOLD FUSION next year?

I like I Know Leopard, they’re a really good band. I like what they’re doing. Definitely keen to check them out. And Ali Barter, she’s really cool as well. I always like seeing Glass Skies ‘cause they have a really funny stage presence and are really enjoyable to watch.

What are your plans for the future?

Become a bloody star! Nah, finish this album. I want to do a lot more international touring next year, as much as I can. I’m planning to do a European tour in April and get some support over there. I’m doing uni at the moment as well and after I finish uni I’ll probably do like a bigger US and Europe tour and push the album over there.

You can pick up your tix for GOLD FUSION starting from $38 from Oztix.