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Review: Bad//Dreems Mob Rule Tour


Review: Bad//Dreems Mob Rule Tour

Jason Katsaras

As part of their 'Mob Rule' Tour, on Friday night at the Fat Controller, Bad// Dreems played a ripper of a show. They also organised two other great local acts to support, with Battlehounds and the frenetic Grenadiers. Both groups kicked off the night at a cracking pace with impeccable and raucous sets. Battlehounds latest song 'Good Man' was brilliant and Grenadiers new song 'Live fast, Diabetes' went off particularly well.

Later in the evening an already sweaty and worked up crowd welcomed the Baddies boys on stage. Straight away a mass of bodies proceeded to mosh like crazy. Playing through their considerable repertoire, the Baddies played songs from their original 'Badlands' EP and their recent debut album Dogs At Bay (Although we hear there's a new album on the way soon). To add to this, the charismatic four piece played a few new songs, all of which sounded bloody awesome, maintaining the bands distinct pub rock sound (fuck we're keen for these to be released). The brilliance of the Dogs at Bay Album was highlighted by the some of the lesser known songs of the album being sung along to by the crowd. On top of this, the latest song released by the baddies, 'Mob Rule' was extremely well received. Its lyrical ramblings and political backlash against the 'mob' demonstrate yet again the intuitive and critical nature of the group.

As the set came to a close, some rowdy punters decided to rip down the ceiling. As with last time, the boys continued to play, before finishing on a cover of the much under appreciated Australian Classic, My Pal - God. Honestly we had a blast, and can't wait to unleash the madness all over again soon. Keep it up fellas.

All Images from the Fat Controller.