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Havin' A Chat With The Beer Boys.


Havin' A Chat With The Beer Boys.

Harrison Schultz

Beer Boys ADL are two lads who only just met, but have already been making the rounds and giving a great display on everything beer. We met up at Nola to have a little chat to find out exactly who they are and what they’re up to.

So boys who are you both and what do you do?

Tom: I’m Tom Nisbet, I drink beers, studied marketing and journalism, and love a good laugh.
Daniel: I’m Daniel Kiritsis, I was a DJ, now I focus on photography and also love a frothie.

How did Beer Boys ADL come to formation?

We were both over at Pt. Lincoln for a cage diving and swimming with the sea lions experience, and on one of the nights we were both looking to go out and ended up having a huge night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t beer that was the overall consumption that night, we might have spent over $200 on CC and Cruisers… but that’s another story. The next day was pretty rough, we had a pretty early start but somehow managed to get up and then headed out on the boat for the diving experience. It wasn’t until we were on our way back in that we thought about the beer idea. As we were coming back we were trying a beer from a few different states, West End, Carlton Draught, Tooheys New and XXXX and that’s when the idea to start up beer boys came about.

Beers @ NOLA are guaranteed perfection.

Beers @ NOLA are guaranteed perfection.

Sounds like it was a big weekend! So what are both of your favourite beers?

Tom: My favourite craft style would be Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and then not so crafty would be Coors.
Dan: Can’t really go past a Corona on a summers day or four, and SA beer Vale Ale is perfect!

Where are a few of your favourite places to grab a beer from?

Dan: We've got a few favourites all around the place, here (NOLA), Super California, Brooklyn and then if we're by the beach probably the Ramsgate Hotel! There's plenty of others but we'd be here a while to go through them all.

So beside drinking frothies, what is Beer Boys ADL all about?

Tom: Well there’s guys like you (This is Radelaide) who showcase Adelaide in all of its glory, and the cool things going on, and it’s pretty awesome! We just figured why not do something a little different, plus social media which is all about getting around the beers kinda seemed like a fun idea at the time!

What exactly was going on with that post at 50sixone (above)?

Dan: (Laughs) well as most people have seen, they’ve got some pretty crazy stuff going on and we were heading in there so thought, let’s have some fun with this and they helped us out a little. I won’t say that West End mixed up that way is the most perfect thing I’ve ever tasted, but it was uh, interesting?

This summer what will you be getting up to?

Dan: We’ll hopefully we’re going to be moving all around Adelaide, drinking frothies and discovering the best (beers) and the worst (hangovers). There’s always a few great things on, Adelaide is pretty awesome, as you guys would know.
Tom: We’re also going to run a little competition over on our Instagram and someone is going to be able to win a whole carton of beer, so it’s worth having a suss!

Cheers for the chat guys, it sounds like this could be pretty beer fuelled summer for you both - I’m a little jealous to say the least!

If you want to follow Beer Boys ADL for everything beer related, head on over to their Instagram page @beerboysadl (keep an eye out for that competition!)

All photos courtesy of Beer Boys ADL