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Damn Larsen, Back At It Again With The Tunes


Damn Larsen, Back At It Again With The Tunes

Harrison Schultz

Adelaide definitely has no shortage of great bands, and one of those bands we've had our eye on lately is Larsen. A few months ago we went along to a couple of their gigs, managed to sit down with the boys for a chat and just last week, they released a new single along with its own music video. As you might have guessed, its a pretty special one and in our opinion their best song and video to date! (Matt and Alex where you at with the tune rags to keep us cool? Oh wait....)

Throughout the video we're taken to a range of different places, from laundromats to bedrooms, and a large part of the video was even shot inside the German Club. Director Rory Pippan, was in charge of the creative decisions and it's evident a lot of hard work has been done to have the video reflect the exact mood of the song.

Upon first listen it's easy to recognise that this is the most mature and emotional material we've heard from Larsen so far.

"Burdens was written essentially about being manipulated, only in this case it's the person you have feelings for that is doing the manipulating. The chorus in particular is written about coming to terms with that realisation, and understanding that you've actually been relying on this person to feel happy, and wishing that you hadn't placed so much trust in one person to feel okay." - Liam (vocals/guitar)

So, without any further ado, here's Larsen brand new single, Burdens.

Keen to listen to Larsen a little more, or find out when they'll be playing next? You can check out their Facebook right here and their Youtube account here.