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The Smith Street Band, Sold Out Show @ The Gov


The Smith Street Band, Sold Out Show @ The Gov

Harrison Schultz

Last Wednesday night was a huge night for the Australian music scene, with the ARIA’s blaring from TV’s across the country, a solid performance by Violent Soho had plenty of people entertained. However, for the bunch of punters lucky enough to secure tickets to The Smith Street Bands sold out Adelaide show, we may have been treated to the best show of all.

Before The Smith Street Band took stage, the room had been slowly filling up over, The Nation Blue, Grim Rhythm and Forevr, each taking turns dominating the stage and building on the tension to see Smith St play. When the lights finally dimmed and the band took stage, there was never a chance of it settling down again.

If you’ve never seen The Smith Street Band play before, the best way to describe the crowd (in the mosh), is a lump of people stuck together in a near riot of excitement, screaming every lyric whilst a constant flow of people crowd surf over the top. Even in the case you don’t know all the words to every song, there’s this vibe you get swept up in and made to feel like you belong right there.

Over the night, they played a whole variety of tunes, old through to brand spankin’ new, specifically their new single Death To The Lads, received a huge amount of love from the entire room. Earlier this month they also released a video for the absolute tune, only instead of the guys starring in it themselves, their Mums took centre stage - what a bunch of legends! Give it a suss below.

For a band that goes from strength to strength, the song was a huge tease for what might be to come (here’s to us hoping anyway) and combined with such an amazing show, it's hard not to be a little excited.

Unfortunately for Adelaide people the next chance to see Smith St could be a while away, but for anyone heading to Southbound Festival (Busselton, WA) or Party In The Paddock (Launceston, TAS), get ready for an absolute ripper of a show!

All images by Harrison Schultz