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Making The Cut At Robbie's Chop Shop


Making The Cut At Robbie's Chop Shop

Dan Linke

Once upon a time, barbershops were an institution; a place where men could go to kick back, relax and get a solid haircut in the process. However, in part to the times changing, this cultural identity has somewhat eroded, although Adelaide still has a handful of barbershops to offer. One of these bastions is Robbie's Chop Shop, where owner Robbie Ferrante is bringing back the idea of the old-school barber - one that, in Ferrante's words, “blokes can come in, have a beer and have a laugh”, all the while allowing customers to feel comfortable.

Situated on King William Street in the heart of Goodwood, the layout is very much akin to that of a man cave; a well-stocked beer fridge in one corner, a Playstation in the other, as well as televisions above every seat – as well as an emphasised point of no women allowed, keeping a firm, yet understandable hand on the 'blokes only' mantra.

robbie's chop shop 1

Ferrante has been in the barbershop business for 17 years, and is understanding of what it takes to run such a place like the Chop Shop to great success; his priorities lay with keeping his staff and customers positive ahead of anything else, not only for their sake but for also his own. A particular catalyst for Ferrante was working at markets in the northern suburbs only years before he opened the Chop Shop - he'd get to work at 4 am every morning, only to see the veterans sharing cigarettes, the odd drink and like-minded humour - and being exposed to that culture only reinforced the successful integration of it into the Chop Shop.

robbie's chop shop 2

This emphatic embrace of attitude was clear as day, when I was halfway through getting a haircut from Ferrante, with one of his staff bolting inside to exclaim:

'Dude, action figures.'

Ferrante stops what he's doing, and with an attitude of determination, demands that somebody gets Mattel on the phone immediately. This is one of roughly twenty ideas a week that any of the guys will have - some are purely outlandish, while others have led the Chop Shop to running a pop-up barber anywhere from the side of the street, to pubs or the Royal Adelaide Show. But such is the identity of the Chop Shop, where like-minded lads shoot nonsense but still find a way to endorse it in a vibrant manner. Perhaps, the greatest idea that Ferrante has had yet is the revitalisation of an institution lost to time.

You can find Robbie's Chop Shop on Facebook.

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