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Lissy Elliott's Rainbow Collection


Lissy Elliott's Rainbow Collection

Adrienne Goode

Local artist Lissy Elliott has an undeniably vibrant aesthetic. Combining the prismatic hues of the rainbow, adorable animals in knitwear, and LGBTIQ+ pride, her artwork stands out for all the right reasons. From November 3 November 26, this local lady will be exhibiting her most recent Rainbow Collection at the Urban Cow Studio, and it’s set to be a refreshing treat for the eyes and community alike.

Within her Rainbow Collection, Elliott presents a cluster of adorable characters, quirky designs and reclaimed expressions. As the exhibition’s name infers, the colours of the rainbow provide for much of Elliott’s inspiration. Likewise, the celebration of the LGBTIQ+ community and all-round happiness are also at the heart of her vision.

“My goal for this exhibition was to create a beautiful body of work inspired by the rainbow. Not only does this natural phenomenon spark universal joy but it is also the symbol of gay pride,” Elliott told Urban Cow Studio.

“With this work I hope to bring celebration, fun and humour to the LGBTIQ and broader community after an intense year of politicians debating our human rights, the plebiscite and of course, Orlando”.

Attention to detail is high on Elliott’s priority list, and on her Facebook she revealed the following “Exhibition Fun Fact” that has left us in utter admiration:

“One of my exhibition pieces has approx 8000 handwritten words. Each letter was individually coloured. I didn't like the first print version so re-coloured the entire thing THREE times.”

You’ll just have to check out her exhibition to figure out which piece of work received this much devotion.

Moreover, Elliott’s diligence extends to her entire Rainbow Collection where she places the power of language in the limelight.

“I have combined the tradition of reclaiming negative words & phrases with tongue-in-cheek humour to remind us of the power of language and that we can make anything our own with a positive spin,” Elliott told Urban Cow Studio.

Follow Elliott on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

What: The Rainbow Collection by Lissy Elliott

When: 3 November – 26 November 2016

Where: Urban Cow Studio, 11 Frome Street

All images via the Lissy Elliott Creations Facebook Page.