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Great News, Party People - Supermild Is Extending Its Opening Hours


Great News, Party People - Supermild Is Extending Its Opening Hours

Emma Ferraro

After Supermild's unwelcome 2015 shutdown, and its God-sent relaunch (that got by with a little help from some friends, also known as Radeladians donating to a Go Fund Me), Supermild has been a roaring success, and you can bet your top dollar that the loyalty of its regular patrons is going strong. 

Renovated with now three levels and a kitchen (including a d-floor and lounge area), Supermild has been transformed into an ultimate party destination. Not only is Supermild renowned for attracting Radelaide's best Dancing Queens (skills not required), and hosting some coveted gigs of various genres, but accommodates local events. Just last month, they hosted a home styling party. 

Supermild's outdoor area.

Supermild's outdoor area.

If you're not following them on Facebook (which, if your Saturday night typically includes Hindley street, you should), then you might not have heard of owner and operator Sam Lisy's quest to have her venue open until 5am.

Supermild closes at 2, which hurts the business financially. It's also disappointing considering that, unlike Disney movies when the magic ends when the clock strikes twelve, the bar starts to thrive at midnight. And we all know that two hours is not enough time to get your party on. 

It's been an uphill battle, but Lisy has emerged victorious.

Sweet success.

Sweet success.

Supermild is now officially open until 5am, so you can either a. keep your night going into the same time that some people get up to go to work, or b. get one last drink in before going off to work (just kidding - don't do that...........we haven't done that.........)

So if dancing, drinks, and a good time is your thing, head on over to the iconic Supermild.

Supermild: 73A Hindley St., Adelaide

Hours: Weds-Sat, 4:30PM - 5AM (hell yeah) 

Photos via: Supermild Facebook