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Interview: Battlehounds


Interview: Battlehounds

Kate Sansome

After laying under the radar for the last twelve months, Adelaide's own Battlehounds have recently released their latest single, Good Man.  The single is the first taste of the band's debut EP, which is expected to be released early next year.  To celebrate the release of Good Man, Battlehounds are set to headline Yewth's upcoming mini-festival on November 19th.  We recently chatted to the boys about their latest single, their upcoming debut EP and what they think of the Adelaide music scene.

Thanks for talking to This Is Radelaide, can you firstly introduce yourselves and a bit about the band’s background in music?

We’re a three piece rock n roll band from Adelaide. We’ve been kicking around for a few years now but we’ve finally got our shit together and written a whole bunch of new stuff which we’re hoping to put out soon.


For those who are just coming across your music, how would you describe your sound without using a genre?

Fuzzy, grimy rock n roll.


Are there any notable musical influences that have inspired the Battlehounds sound?

Definitely Black Sabbath, Motorhead, The Stooges and Radio Birdman.


What do you guys like most about the Adelaide music scene?

There’s a real sense of community. We’ve got a great scene full of great bands all pushing each other to get better. Everyone’s coming to shows and having a good time, it’s inspiring to be a part of.


You’ve just recently released your latest single, 'Good Man', can you tell us a bit about the track?

Good Man was written from the perspective of a character in my head.  It’s a scathing ode to someone whose persona is very different behind closed doors.

We’d had the song lying around for a while but it wasn’t really considered a single till we recorded it. There’s an unrelenting sense of urgency and frustration through the recording which really adds to it.

What was it like working with John McNicoll, Jimmy Balderston and Steve Smart on the track?

John is an old friend of the band. We’re lucky enough to rehearse at Twin Earth Studios so we know the room really well. John’s a master and knew exactly what we wanted. Working with Jimmy was great, he’s definitely got his style but he took the songs to a whole new level with his production and mixing ideas. Steve put the finishing touches in Sydney, which was brilliant.


You’ve shared that you are planning on releasing your debut EP early next year, at what point did you guys decide to start putting together an EP and how long did it take to come together?

We started writing earlier in the year by collecting songs and ideas. We narrowed it down to a bunch and then eventually settled on the ones we ended up recording. We started recording in August for a month with John and eventually went in with Jimmy for mixing. I’d say the process took about 8 months from the first ball.


How has the overall creative process been and how would you describe the direction of the EP?

Up and down. Sometimes we’d write a lot and then other times we’d get nowhere, but that’s all part of it. We’re our harshest critics, so if something wasn’t working we’d just bin it or put it back in the mix and move on to something else.

At the end of the day, we just like good song-writing over anything, so if the song itself wasn’t there in it’s simplest form we’d try something else. I think we’ve finally started to work out our sound a bit, we definitely know what kind of stuff works best for us and we try to play to our strengths.

The EP has quite a menacing feel. It’s heavy but definitely not in a metal kind of way, I think it’s just the way we write and play. There’s some cool exciting stuff happening sonically thanks to Jimmy’s touch and I think we’ve realised we can step outside the box for whatever comes next.


What can fans expect from your upcoming shows in support of your latest release Good Man?

The Adelaide show (November 19th at The Ed Castle) will be awesome. We’re teaming up with the dudes from YEWTH as part of their new issue launch and it’ll be a really fun day with Archers (one of our favourite bands), Hyder Seek, Atilla My Honey and The Smocks all playing.

It’ll be great to play in Melbourne again, we always love going over there. We’re at The Reverence on November 26th with Lorikeet and Odd Souls. It’s always exciting to play to a room of strangers.

Finally, what bands are you guys currently listening to?

Girls Against Boys, All Them Witches, Thee Oh Sees and Heads of Charm

WHERE: The Ed Castle, Adelaide SA
WHEN: November 19
WHY: Battlehounds single launch/Yewth Mag Print Issue 007 launch

All images via Battlehounds