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Sub Verse Festival @ Nexus Arts Theatre


Sub Verse Festival @ Nexus Arts Theatre

Dan Linke

Despite the terror of the state-wide blackout earlier in the week, OzAsia's Sub Verse festival happened on a Friday night which was eerily calmer than what had preceded the days before it. While the smaller turnout may have been due to a fear of being caught in another storm, the crowd that made it out were treated to a night to remember.

Joy & Sparkes bathed the crowd that had arrived early in her celestial, yet R&B tinged dance-pop, which led into North of X's set. Also known as Sisi Lu, his Australian debut of his work 'The Age of Digital/Analog' was impressive; his post-industrial visuals complimented the bass and percussion-heavy blasts, relentlessly pulverising the audience one moment and eerily calming them the next. 

north of x live at nexus arts sub verse festival oz asia october 30 september 2016

But the night well and truly belonged to Seoul's Wedance, whose blurry noise pop was sandwiched between the other, predominantly electronica-driven acts of the night. Their stage presence was incredible, with vocalist Wevo flipping moods like a coin. She was quiet and foreboding one moment, yet screaming and convulsing like a woman possessed the next. Guitarist Wegui, meanwhile, recalled a long list of 90's guitarists in both fashion and dance sense, with his scythe-like guitar playing and wacky spinning eventually causing him to lose his glasses mid-song. 

Tapei's HH had a similar sonic palette to North of X, albeit more groove-orientated. Minimalist, vector-styled visuals filled the room as the audience found another, albeit somewhat restrained level after the chaos of Wedance. The night was rounded out by Adelaide local Phil Rogers, whose DJ set commanded intensity of not just volume, but also from the remainder of the audience who had stuck it out for this long.

Sub Verse was worth paying admission just to see Wedance on stage alone -  reminiscent of a certain storm that had passed just days prior. If Unsound Festival doesn't make a return next year, it already has a ready-made replacement.

All images via the Nexus Arts Facebook page.