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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Get To The Good Boy Gig Tomorrow Or You'll Be Spewin'


Get To The Good Boy Gig Tomorrow Or You'll Be Spewin'

Jason Katsaras

Hailing from Brisbane, Good boy are the kind of eclectic Indie Rock band that gets us really excited. After having previously put out their highly successful 'No Love For Back Home' EP, with  acclaimed lead single 'Transparency', the boys are hitting the road to tour their new 'Plum' EP. 'Poverty Line' has had heaps of triple J airplay, as it should. Apart from being hard to say as quickly as frontman Rian, the song is brilliantly fun and gives us a chance to vent some frustration at the financial struggles of early adult life, we bloody love it.

While 'Poverty Line' is the kind of garage rock gem we love, it has to be said that a lot of Good Boy's other works offer a more chilled out sound. It's this mix of catchy playful tunes that make this Saturday night's gig an opportunity not to miss. Organised by the great people from Problem Child (who seem to have a knack for putting on ripper gigs) and held at the Nexus Theatre. Described by some as the gig equivalent of the AFL Footy show, local boys Druid Fluids, Ron the Ox and burnside mums are all on supporting duties. Each of these groups have a bunch of groovy, fun and dirty tunes for you to enjoy, so make sure you get in early!

Who: Good Boy, Druid Fluids, Ron the Ox, burnside mums

When: Saturday 8th of October

Where: Nexus Arts Theatre