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Matt Tarrant Is Honestly Dishonest


Matt Tarrant Is Honestly Dishonest

Adrienne Goode

Renowned for twisting the minds of his audience through his seemingly transcendental talents, Matt Tarrant is returning to Radelaide to once again send your mind into overdrive. The superstar mentalist and award winning magician is predicted to blow your mind with his celebrated show, Honestly Dishonest on Saturday, 19 November at the Shedley Theatre.

Having mastered the recipe of psychological illusions, mystic abilities, and audience interaction, the internationally-recognised entertainer is set to melt your mind through a fun and jaw-dropping show. Opportunely for Tarrant, Honestly Dishonest has previously been a near sold-out show at the Adelaide Fringe, and therefore filled with a boundless array of unguarded audience members pawns for his trickery. If this show is anything like the last, you’ll be wise get your hands on a ticket ASAP and – if you find yourself being targeted – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Tarrant’s proficiency to tap into his own intuitive behaviour has established him as one of Australia’s leading mentalists and has earnt him various Adelaide Fringe awards in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Currently a contestant on Australian Survivor, it’s likely that Tarrant has been playing the ultimate game of deception and will be more prepared than ever to read, boggle, and manipulate your mind. Having loved and performed magic since an inquisitive seven year old, it's safe to say that Tarrant has perfected the ability to ignite a sense of curiosity in even the most sceptical of minds.

What can you expect? Trickery, dishonesty, and an overwhelming sense to Google everything. Our advice? Buy a ticket and don't be so easily fooled... or do.

What: Honestly Dishonest

When: Saturday, 19 November

Where: Shedley Theatre, 10 Playford Blvd, Elizabeth

Price: $35

Read more information and buy tickets here.

Header via Matt Tarrant's Facebook Page.