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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Keen To Get Out This Saturday? Go Catch The Sinking Teeth @ A Day On The Grid


Keen To Get Out This Saturday? Go Catch The Sinking Teeth @ A Day On The Grid

Harrison Schultz

Recently having dropped their single Salt & Stitches, Melbourne puke punk band The Sinking Teeth got in touch for a quick chat just in time for their show at The Edinburgh Castle this Saturday.

Sitting back in Adelaide and eagerly awaiting your show here, from the looks of your Instagram it seems like you guys have been having a ripper of a time! How have the shows so far been from your perspective?

The shows so far have been really good. We’re doing things a bit differently on this tour, and as a result we’ve been having a shit load of fun. For example, we organised a couple of larger bill “festival” style shows (A Day on the Grid Adelaide is one of them) and we managed to sort out a sweet exchange program style situations with our mates in Horror My Friend, Waax and Super Bestfriends who are from Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra, so that’s been rad.  

If you could design a venue and put anything you wanted in there, what sort of rad shit would we be seeing?

Well the back-line would be KILLER. We’d have Neil Young’s guitar rig set up and a Verellen Meat Smoke and maybe an old Luddy Kit. But I think it would be the petting zoo in the beer garden that would really be the selling point. There’s nothing better than being off your trolley and rolling around in a small enclosure with baby goats. Sign. Me. Up. For. That. 
Also we would have Slojitos on tap which is a Mojito but with Sloe Gin instead of Rum. Try it. You’ll thank me.

Sounds amazing! You’ve been putting out a few amazing tunes this year, but before that Spotify only really lists 2013 as anything before. What inspired you guys to start releasing new music?

Firstly thanks heaps! I guess the reason we haven’t released much since 2013 is because various things kept getting in the way. We recorded an EP in 2014 but we didn’t release it. Then after that, we felt like it had been too long and that the next release needed to be an album, so we started recording that in 2015 that we’re only just releasing now. During all of that we were touring a lot, which in this country (and at the stage we’re at) costs money rather than makes money. So we had to find other ways of paying for an album, which took quite a while.

It seems like more and more people are leaving a lot of clubs in their wake, in order to go and see bands play, especially of the punk/rock variety. Have you guys noticed this at all In regards to having people come out to your shows?

Yeah it feels like there’s a bit of a resurgence of rock and roll with Violent Soho, Courtney Barnett & The Smithies leading the charge which is really awesome. I guess people are getting over repetitive releases of generic bullshit made with the same fucking computer program and then “performed” by some twelve year old with a top knot.

What can we expect from your album coming out later this year? 

It’s 10 songs long and pretty much every one of them is a story from one stage or another in our lives. It’s super reflective I guess. But it also goes further in both the softer & heavier directions than our previous shit. 

Just one last question... what are the odds on a music video or two?

We have two previous videos. One for “Temporary Living” from our first EP, and one for “Good Grief”, which was the first single for this album. We made both of them ourselves and plan to do more in the very near future so keep an eye on our social media for that!

Cheers for the chat guys!

Keen to catch these guys play? The Sinking Teeth will be performing at A Day on the Grid in The Ed Castle this Saturday the 8th of October. It's gonna be one hectic and awesome show!

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