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The Oh Balters @ The Rhino room


The Oh Balters @ The Rhino room

Jason Katsaras

Man oh man, what a pleasure it was to see The Oh Balters last friday at the Rhino Room. The unique four piece mesmerised the crowd throughout their hour long set. Their bright poignant music caught our eyes (ears?) recently on their Souncloud and we've been desperate to catch them since. Their folky, bouncy music is as honest as it is catchy. You may even find yourself both really identifying with songs themes while also tapping your feet or dancing around the place.

- intransitive verb - to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.


- J. Nowak, MTZ Photography

Hailing from the red centre of Alice Springs and now based in Adelaide, the Oh Balters are comprised of Albert O’Loughlin (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Charlie Lange (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Patrick Kavanagh (bass, vocals) and Chris Redden (drums). From the early days in Alice Springs, Albert and Charlie jammed and learned to play guitar together busking in the local mall at the age of 12. It's from these foundations that over time the Oh Balters came together and happened to settle right here in Adelaide! Their unique classic style draws from The Beatles, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Simon & Garfunkel to name a few. 

- Kate Fuller's Opening Set

- Kate Fuller's Opening Set

To open up the night the wonderful Kate Fuller battled through a few technical issues to smash out a brilliant set before the Oh Balters took the stage. Currently the group has two songs up on Soundcloud, in 'Searching for Ya' and 'Pretty One' both of which are charming, incredibly catchy and were crowd favourites on Friday. The group brought along a heap of other tunes including a brilliant rendition of the Paul Kelly classic 'Leaps and Bounds'. From this point onwards the large crowd were transfixed and constantly calling for more as the group continued to nail each consecutive song. Ranging from the more folky songs to some sounding almost rockabilly, their set was well received by every punter in the house.  All in all, having a taste of the new Oh Balters material has made us super excited to hear what they can record and put out next. We are deadset mega-fans of these fellas, so do yourself a favour and get on board with them! 

The Oh Balters are coincidentally playing at the Rhino Room again this friday as part of Problem Child's, Play for Harambe Gig . Along with the brilliant Zen Panda , and many more local acts.

For more information on The Oh Balters, check out their Facebook and  Soundcloud!

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-All uncredited images by Jason Katsaras