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Dope Lemon @ The Gov


Dope Lemon @ The Gov

Kate Sansome

What's more iconic that Angus Stone smoking a joint out of a lemon? Probably the sweet, sweet juicy tunes of Stone's new musical project, Dope Lemon.  

Although Stone has released solo music under his own name in the past, Dope Lemon sees him join up with mates Rohin Brown (The Walking Who) and Elliot Hammond (The Delta Riggs) to produce a gorgeous, laid back coastal-rock sound that is chilled out vibes all round.  Last Saturday night, Dope Lemon ventured to The Gov for the group's first ever national tour in celebration of their third single, Coyote.

Up first was Adelaide's own indie dreamboat, Jesse Davidson, who unsurprisingly delivered a delightful set full of smooth, melancholic dream-pop.  Davidson's powerful vocals were filled with emotive lyrics and showcased how talented a songwriter he is.  Davidson brought an airy quality to The Gov, with punters taking the moment to sit back and relax and listen to some creamy music. 

After a long break between sets, Dope Lemon finally came on stage and set the scene with flicking fairy lights and a geometric disco ball lighting up the room.  The whole crowd was buzzing on the relaxed, mellow vibes that was displayed on stage, which ultimately felt like we were treated to an intimate, jam session from the band.  Dope Lemon's sound is this gorgeous melodic, coastal rock, with cruisey guitars and smooth, luscious vocals.  The whole crowd squealed as the opening bars of the group's latest single, Coyote began to blissfully hum, with some punters celebrating by lighting up a few joints in the crowd.  One of the greatest moments was when an enthusiastic fan gifted Stone a lemon with a joint inside of it, which to the crowd's huge delight, he honourably smoked on stage.  

A highlight of the night was the gentle melancholic number, Marinade, with the somber lyrics 'Yeah she whispered to me softly. Well do you want me? Just how I am?' instantly sending goosebumps down my spine.  The crowd absolutely went bananas for Dope Lemon's debut single, Uptown Folks, which really epitomises the very laid-back, cruisey vibes that the group encompasses.  Honestly, the whole night was such a dream and the post-concert depression has well and truly set in.

 All image via Ben Neale