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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Put Down The Drink, It's Not That Kind of Bar - re


Put Down The Drink, It's Not That Kind of Bar - re

Michaela McGrath

Does the graceful image of pilates, yoga and ballet intrigue you but also send you running? Have you ever dreamed of donning the tutu (and the ballet physique to boot) of a ballerina or the enviable abs and flexibility of those yogalites on the beach, but doubt your own abilities? Never fear, Aleenta Barre is here.

With no experience in pilates, yoga, dance or even exercise required, Barre is the perfect blend of fun and challenging workouts to strengthen, tone and increase flexibility. Although definitely difficult, Aleenta classes are pressure-free environments where you’re not expected to make it through a whole class the first time (or even the first 10 times). You don’t need to have Victoria’s Secret Angel abs or the endurance of a marathon runner (believe us, we have neither), these classes cater to your fitness capabilities and injuries, whilst building your strength inside and out. We fell in love with Barre fitness as we tested out Aleenta’s spanking new Glenelg studio and guarantee you’ll love it too.

Aleenta Barre is the vision of two women tired of struggling to prioritise their fitness amongst an ever clogged schedule. At the core of each barre class (pun intended), is a combination pilates moves, yoga flows and ballet techniques instructed by specialty barre tenders (instructors), who all hail from a variety of backgrounds; from physio to dance.

After opening their first store right here in Adelaide, the girls have since expanded to Melbourne and the Gold Coast. The Glenelg studio, which opened recently on the 10th of September, is the latest in a string of locations that continue to transform lives and bodies. Tara and Wes Cotter are the fitness franchise’s first SA Studio Partners, after Tara fell in love with the classes at Aleenta’s Mawson Lakes location. The dynamic duo love working together and have found that they bounce off of each other perfectly. Together with their professionally trained tenders, Tara and Wes are ready to tone and strengthen Adelaide’s South-West.

Interested but not sure where to start? Aleenta offer six types of classes, each with different benefits and intensities and we are here to help.


1. Barre Burn: The Muscle Scorcher

This class is the OG, straight from the United States. Just as the name suggests this class has a burn factor through the roof. If your aim is to tone and really feel your muscles after class, give burn a try.

2. Yoga Barre: The Ying to Burn’s Yang

If you prefer a more zen workout but still seek that toning factor, Yoga Barre is here for you. Utilising yoga flows and barre work to lengthen and tone, Yoga Barre is sure to improve your flexibility, core strength, glutes and legs.


3. Barre Blend: The Best of Both Worlds

The combination of burn and yoga, Blend classes truly are the best of both worlds. Incorporating strong yoga flows, transitions and stretches, as well as the more traditional barre moves. This class will not only tone and strengthen but also get your heart pumping.


4. Ballet Barre: For Your Inner Ballerina

The little ballerina within you will come alive during this class. Combining workouts with elegance and most importantly fun, Ballet Barre will improve coordination, posture and technique.


5. Abs and Extend: To Go Beyond

Ideal as an addition to the more traditional barre classes, this addition strengthens core and back strength. A targeted workout, this session is the ultimate in toning and stretching and is guaranteed to make you feel brand new.


6. Barre F.I.T: To H.I.I.T It And Quit It

Think burn, think tone, think sweat. While the other classes are relatively low intensity, F.I.T takes a page out of the traditional high intensity (H.I.I.T) workout regime. This class integrates the most cardio of all and will get that heart rate up while employing traditional barre exercises.

An exercise class that’s ideal for all fitness levels and has proven results, could it possibly get any more convenient? It does. Aleenta Barre are revolutionising the way that we book, pay and sign in to exercise, with their free-to-download app. Available in The App Store and Google Play, there is no excuse not to get down to your nearest studio.

We loved taking the time out to tone, strengthen and reconnect with our bodies with Aleenta. For studio locations and more visit their website and for fitness inspiration give the Adelaide born company some love on their Instagram and Facebook.


Where? 120B Jetty Rd, Glenelg (Rear)

When? Monday – Friday. Find timetables online and in the app. 

Header Image via Aleenta Barre website. All other images via This Is Radelaide.