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South Australia Museum Scores Southern Hemisphere Exclusive With Upcoming Curious Beasts Exhibition


South Australia Museum Scores Southern Hemisphere Exclusive With Upcoming Curious Beasts Exhibition

Paul Maland

Teaming up with The British Museum's collection of prints from the 15th to early 19th centuries, South Australia's upcoming Curious Beasts exhibition "delves into our enduring curiosity about the animal world through beautiful and bizarre imagery", say the team behind the South Australia Museum.


"The exhibition explores the natural world as it was expressed in the vibrant print culture of the early modern period. Printmaking emerged as a major art form and communication tool in the 15th century, coinciding with an increasing interest in and investigation of flora and fauna," South Australia Museum says of the exhibition.

"Featuring over 80 works on paper, including rare items for the South Australian Museum’s collections, Curious Beasts looks at how print-makers contributed to knowledge of animals, but also at the wildly different ways in which the animal subject inspired graphic artists." 

"The exhibition features prints by well-known artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Francisco de Goya and George Stubbs, as well as many treasures by artists rarely seen." 

The South Australian Museum is also privileged to be the only venue in the Southern Hemisphere showing what is sure to be an impressive and eye-catching collection, before they return to storage.

"It will be the last time the prints will be seen together before they return back to storage in the Study Room of the British Museum." South Australia Museum said. 

The exhibition is set to run at The South Australian Museum from October 21 to February 5, lending itself perfectly for a summertime date or family outing. 

For more information, including VIP packages complete with a glass of wine, visit The South Australian Museum's website. 

Where: The South Australian Museum, North Terrace

When: October 21 - February 5; 10am-5pm daily

Why: Exclusive chance to glance over original prints of animals as they were discovered from the 15th to 19th century

Header and body image via South Australian Museum