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The New Yorks' Latest Release is Here for Your Listening Pleasure


The New Yorks' Latest Release is Here for Your Listening Pleasure

Isabella Carbone

Adelaide indie rockers The New Yorks have released their latest EP Heads of Tales featuring a slew of riff loaded tracks sure to get you grooving. The boys’ have clearly done a bit of growing up since their last release, bringing a more rounded and matured tone for the EP.

Video via YouTube

The New Yorks’ sound can be liked to that of The 1975 and is certainly influenced by Bloc Party and The Strokes. The first track from the EP ‘Girl’ explodes with sound before pairing it back to low key vibes that mirror that of Made In Japan.

If you check out only one song from the record, definitely make it ‘On the Radio’, it is indie-rock at its finest; groovy guitar riffs and a chorus so catchy that it was simply made to hear live so you can get on your dancing shoes.  

‘New Age’ will remind you strongly of The Strokes, with a strong key signature riff throughout the track, altered vocals and brutal lyrics. 

Video via YouTube

Each tune is absolutely oozing with that swagger that’s a keystone for any successful indie rock outfit. They improve their sound with every gig and release, definitely keep an eye on this four-piece on Facebook for upcoming gigs.

Listen to Heads of Tales on Spotify here or on SoundCloud here

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