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Beyond The Valley 2015/16


Beyond The Valley 2015/16

Jordan Tito

Whether you were sinking some brews in your mate's backyard, road tripping to Mt. Duneed, Marion Bay or Byron Bay for Falls, or simply watching Sleepless In Seattle in bed, everyone celebrates the New Year in their own way. 

In its second incarnation, Beyond The Valley hosted New Years festivities at their new home of Lardner, Victoria. Currently the centre of controversy due to poor organisational skills, the festival has torn audiences across Australia who either had the best/worst New Years. Grouped with 10+ SA friends who love a good party and festival, we thought we'd give you an on-ground account of what really went down in the farm at Beyond The Valley. 

This is Radelaide's top five (best and worst) moments of Beyond The Valley 2015/16... 

Client Liaison

The great moments...

1. Daryl Braithwaite and Client Liaison ride on Horses.

With a stage decked in all things 'Straya (including full-size emu and kangaroo props), Client Liaision won the festival over when they welcomed their guest and general legend Daryl Braithwaite to perform the unofficial Australian anthem Horses. Strangers linked shoulders, fists drew into imaginary microphones, arms danced in the air as a chorus of voices sang out the lyrics embedded into our Australian souls. 

2. Mates, mates and more mates. 

Mates make everything better. You could be sitting, lost, in the middle of a field and have a ripper of a time, as long as you've got great mates with you. The festival site itself wasn't very large, therefore, it was perfect for finding lost mates who maybe had one too many (because there's always one).

3. The Line Up

A festival isn't a festival without a good line up. Australian festival goers were spoilt for choice this year with a handful of great festivals and extraordinary artists. Beyond The Valley patrons had a large list of bands to see, DJ's, rappers and electronic artists - many who have never visited Australia before. 

Special mentions:

  • Flerm: I love a good meme more than anybody, but Flerm laid down one of the best sets of the entire festival. A+++
  • Flight Facilities for the funky dance tunes and the voice of goddess, Owl Eyes
  • R L Grime for providing all the dirty bass drops that brought out everyones inner trap-rat
  • Skepta... "cause man's never been in Melbourne when it's SHUUUTDOWN"
  • Tkay Maidza who absolutely killed the main stage 
  • The Rubens: HoOoOOoOOoOops and everything get back never get back too soon
BTV Water

4. Water Pallets

It was hot. Really hot. Like, really really hot. It became apparent very early on that Beyond The Valley organisers didn't fully anticipate how hot it really was... that was until the day of the great water drop off. Picture this: tents and marquees full of hungover, dehydrated and sunburnt festival goers trying to down their latest vodka soft drink, whilst contemplating jumping security and into the local lake. Interrupting these contemplations were the distant sounds of a beeping horn. Heads popped out of tents, intrigued about the ruckus, only to behold one of the greatest gifts of the New Year... FREE WATER. Like a flock of seagulls to a hot chip, hundreds of bodies flew to the pallets of water dropped down onto the campsite by the festival Gods. Together, we rejoiced at the gift of life, water. Thank you.

5. Festival goers

Festival goers are like an entire new breed of people. There's the ones who went too hard and passed out in the campsite walkway on the first day of the festival, the couples sucking one another faces off in the mosh pit during Flight Facilities' Clair de Lune, the ones doing beer bongs and drinking beer from shoes, the costumes (props to the dudes in the avocado, foot and stormtrooper outfits), the campsites decked with inflatable kangaroos, sex toys and luxury chandeliers... and the signs - ft. Shannon Noll, Mr. Bean and a "Googs for sale" sign. You're all insane. We love you all. 

And, the not so great moments...

1. No shade, no ice

Over 14 000 attendees at a three day 30+ degree festival with no ice (hello food poisoning), only 3 shade sails and a tent full of dust? Ice was finally delivered on the third day... at $10 a bag. C'mon BTV, you're better than that. 

...And Beyond?! What is beyond?!?!?!

...And Beyond?! What is beyond?!?!?!

2. Set Times

Not essential, but annoying. After continual social media pressure, the festival set times were finally released (via email) to ticket holders the night before the festival. However, these timetables weren't complete and acts after 9:30pm weren't given an exact set time... How do we know what time to stop pre-drinking?!

3. Toilets

Gross. Gross. Grosssssssssssssss. 
Festival toilets are and will always be gross, but these toilets were next level. 

Ivan Ooze spitting fire in Dust City

Ivan Ooze spitting fire in Dust City

4. Dust Sucks

Bandana sales were soaring for market sellers as every punter tried to brave Dust City, formerly known as the Pavilion stage. Hosting many wonderful names, mainly DJ's and rappers, the Pavilion turned into a tent of hell, suffocating audiences, over-exhausting asthma puffers and damaging lungs. Next time, lay down some mats. (Yep, we're still coughing up dirt).  

5. The Sound

We just wish you'd had turned up the sound on the main stage, even just a little bit.

Every festival has their ups and downs. Beyond The Valley are babies in this big tough industry and they are still learning. New Years is about having fun with your friends, and strangers, and braving the conditions to catch a glimpse of your favourite act you've wanted to see all year. We forgive you for the hiccups, and we'll see you next year. 

Images via Beyond The Valley