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Madeleine Hunt: Thought She Could, And Yes, She Can


Madeleine Hunt: Thought She Could, And Yes, She Can

Madeleine Manglaras

Adelaide musician Madeleine Hunt can't remember a time when she wasn't into music; she has memories of sitting at the piano with her sisters at age six, singing songs about blowing bubbles. While her song writing is more sophisticated these days, her sound is strangely reminiscent of her earlier content: playful, reflective, and free. 

Born in Norway, the electro-pop artist lived in London shortly before moving to Adelaide when she was nine. A decade later, she released her debut EP, Hollow, to rave reviews. Her most recent release, I Thought I Could (Empire Pt. 2) is the second track in her Empire Project, following Destructive (Empire Pt. 1)

'I wrote it ages ages before Destructive, so you can hear how much the production has developed since. It's very simple and completely stripped back. When I started writing the lyrics I was in a totally different headspace to when I finished. I think (songwriting) really takes you on an emotional journey.'

Madeleine has diverse musical influences, and it's reflected in her music; she's been likened to artists such as Willow Beats, Kate Bush, and fellow Adelaide musician, Sia. Her playlists reveal everything from soul to psych rock, house to hip hop, with a healthy dose of gangsta beats. 

Featuring on tracks by VRS.US and Flamingo, Madeleine hopes to continue collaborating in the future, with a belief that Adelaide musicians working together and supporting one another will help to foster and promote Adelaide's already flourishing music scene. She'd also love to work with Bagdad-born Adelaide producer Motez.

               Illustration by Owen Fisher

             Illustration by Owen Fisher

'Adelaide's a small city that's gaining a lot of momentum and is full of talent, so it's great conversing and collaborating with other artists. Collaborating with Motez would be unreal. He's a seriously talented guy with an incredible energy and has worked super hard to get where he is.' 

While Madeleine seems to have accomplished a lot already, she's not exempt from the 'what are you doing with your life?' style interrogations twenty-one year olds often face. Her answer: 'I'm building my empire'. 

'It sounds ambitious but it's not about wanting lots of shiny things. It's a simple way of saying 'good things take time'. For me, it's all about the journey, making mistakes, admitting defeat, learning, and evolving.'

While she's listed supporting The Preatures, singing with The Kite String Tangleand getting up on stage with Flamingo at the Corner Hotel as taking the cake so far, we're certain the best is yet to come.

'Adelaide is full of creative geniuses and I'm super excited to see how it evolves in the next 20 years. The city has so much potential and I think more and more people are starting to appreciate local art and music. As long as we keep doing our thing with passion and drive, there's no reason why the Adelaide music scene can't keep killing it.'

Hunt is supporting Moses Gun Collective at Pirie & Co. Social Club on 26 February. Get tickets here.

Listen to her music on SoundCloud or visit her Facebook.

Header image via Hunt's Facebook page.