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Realise Your Guinness World Record Breaking Dreams With The Largest Ukulele Ensemble in Adelaide


Realise Your Guinness World Record Breaking Dreams With The Largest Ukulele Ensemble in Adelaide

Madeleine Manglaras

We can't all pop our eyeballs out of their sockets or grow our fingernails until they drag on the floor, but if you do dream of being in the book of Guinness World Records someday, this might be your chance: if you have a little musical talent, that is.

Adelaide is attempting to break the current Guinness World Record for Largest Ukulele Ensemble led by the much loved Peter Combe as part of Tourrific Prospect, an associated event of the Santos Tour Down Under.

The current record is held by Tahiti and stands at 4,792 people playing 4,792 ukuleles, and was reached last year in April. The attempt in Adelaide will be held in Prospect this Monday the 18th of January

In theme with the Tour Down Under, the chosen song is Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two), and anyone who wants to participate, can. All you need is to aquire a uke, register for the event, and learn the song!

Check in is at Memorial Gardens, Willcox Ave, Prospect, opening at 4pm and closing at 5.45pm. The attempt will commence at 6.15pm at the Fenwick Stage (corner of Olive Street and Prospect Road, next to McGlashans). 

The evening will be part of the Tourrific Prospect street party which will include an eclectic assembly of live music and dance, such as Adelaide Swing band Lucky Seven, Luke CarlinoThom Lion and Koral, as well as food, wine, and children's entertainment. 

To join the ensemble as a group or individual, register here.

Registration is mandatory for the Official Guinness World Record attendance count. 

Learn the song with this instructional clip.