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Shake N' Bake @ The Gov


Shake N' Bake @ The Gov

Kate Sansome

On Friday the 15th of January, The Gov held host to the Shake N’ Bake Party which showcased music company, Sureshaker’s up and coming artists with gritty, dub-hop group, Bootleg Rascal, electro-soul duo, Boo Seeka and R&B artist Lyall Moloney, all on the bill.  The order of the night was decided on a coin toss with Boo Seeka up first and Bootleg Rascal on last, with the Sureshaker DJ’s playing until the early hours of the morning. 

Despite being scheduled to start at 8pm, Boo Seeka delayed their start time until 8:30pm, which was fortunate for them as by the time they started, the room was nearly packed with excited punters who had immediately come right up to the front of the stage.  The duo had clearly been busy writing for their new album, with most of their set being brand new tracks that everyone was loving.  Highlights of their set were Deception Bay, with its atmospheric, immersing synths paired with emotive vocals and smooth, sensual track, Kingdom Leader.  The duo even snuck in a cover of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics into a verse of one of their new tracks.  Boo Seeka was genuinely thankful for everyone who had come to see their show, sharing that exactly a year ago the duo had met each other and that is where the project began.   The group closed their set with their current single, Fool which is filled with dreamy soundscapes and soulful vocals and announced they will be back sometime this year to celebrate their debut album coming out 2016.

Moloney then came on stage and introduced The Gov to his unique combination of electronica and hip-hop.  He created his live show using a loop pedal, starting with a simple beat and his guitar and begins to add textured harmonies, sound effects and vocals.  Moloney seemed like a child in a candy store with how excited he is messing around with his stage equipment, excessively pressing the smoke machine button and pressing the siren button to satisfy punters at the front.  The crowd went absolutely ballistic for party tune, Party Don’t Stop and immediately turns The Gov into a dance party.  He played my personal favourite track, Go That Low which is filled with amazing energy live, with Moloney absolutely shredding the guitar. He is joined on stage with half of Bootleg Rascal for his final track, Black Dog, which is filled with an infectious, reggae beat and fusion of summery vocals.

Bootleg Rascal jumped on stage and immediately started to play their 2014 hit, Oh I Know. The band are mates with fellow Sureshaker band, Sticky Fingers and have extensively toured with the boys which explains their similarity in gritty, reggae-pop and wild stage presence.   Notably, guitarist Jimmy Young was wearing a one-piece outfit covered in sushi illustrations and vocalist Carlos Lara was drinking whisky straight out of the bottle which as the night progressed was stolen by audience members. The group were joined on stage with the ‘Rascal Girls’ which was made up of Adelaide locals Sophie Mckay and Brittany Mckay who provided backing vocals on a couple of songs.  The group dedicated their title track off their album, Asleep in the Machine to everyone who had bought their album and jumped into the infectious, groovy track which had everyone singing along.  By the end of their set, everyone seemed to be getting a bit crazy with vocalist, Carlos Lara jumping onto an unstable bar table (that was casually brought to the front of the mosh by a group of audience members) and jumped into the audience to crowd surf and consequently knocked over stage equipment.  The crowd went wild as soon as they announced they were playing Drop The Gun which is an epic ballad and turned The Gov into an intimate singalong.  Bootleg Rascal finished their set with Coming Home and was joined on stage with Boo Seeka, Moloney and the Rascal Girls.  Everything went a bit crazy with crowd members coming on stage, stage diving and crowd surfing.  Bootleg Rascal are absolutely amazing live and I would definitely recommend to see this party band next time they are back in Adelaide.

All in all, the Shake N’ Bake Party got wild and showcased the next bunch of big artists coming out of Sureshaker.  If it is anything to go by Sticky Fingers’ career, Bootleg Rascal, Boo Seeka and Moloney will definitely be blowing up in 2016 with Bootleg Rascal taking the US with Sticky Fingers, Boo Seeka releasing their debut album and the recent release of Moloney’s album.  

All images taken by Kate Sansome