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Mlkman App


Mlkman App

Emilie La Pietra

Adelaide has done it again, folks. Local legends Aman Takhar, Andre Wright and Jason Cross are the genius minds behind the Milkman App, a mobile application that allows people to have food delivered to home or work from fine-dining restaurants which don't offer their own delivery service.

Picture this, you've been sitting in your cubicle of an office since 9am, trying to smash out as much as work as possible so you can head along to knock-offs and a feed with your work buddies at that brand new swanky restaurant down the street - but the clock has ticked to 5pm, and the pile on your desk, if anything, has grown. Sound familiar? You betcha. Your mood is diminishing, as is your stomach's patience. Who you gonna call? The Milkman dudes. 

The application has two core aims:

1. To give consumers access to quality, fine-dining restaurant food at the tips of their fingers
2. To genenrate revenue for restaurants

Food delivery apps have come and gone, but with Mlkman you can visualise each menu item before purchasing, and then track your meal in real-time - "It's like an Uber, but for food!"

Now, we know what you're thinking, and no, it won't cost a fortune. Using Mlkman you will never come across any additional fees other than the expense of the meal and delivery. To make things better, for all you environmentally-friendly goers, the team behind the app have sought out only to use sustainable products. Legends. Eateries which have signed up to the app include Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante, Ginza Japanese Restaurant and Cucina North Adelaide.

The iPhone app (and soon to be Android) is as aesthetically pleasing as they come. A crisp interface, with a simple operating system which makes any consumer's life easy. 

Image via Mlkman 

Image via Mlkman 

For more information head to the Mlkman website. Bon appetite.

Images & thumbnail via Mlkman Official Facebook.