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5 Reasons To Study In Adelaide


5 Reasons To Study In Adelaide

Paige Kerin

Uni Open Days have come and gone, and now young adults all over Australia are on the cusp of making a decision about what to study and where. Whether you’re still finishing year 12, or you're in your mid-twenties and wanting to take your life in a new direction, it’s a tough decision. What you learn and what degree you come out with is the main aspect of Uni, sure, but what is equally important is how that degree fits with your lifestyle, and the elements surrounding your experience.

Living in Adelaide, we’re pressured with the idea that a University in a bigger city will mean bigger opportunities. We’re here today to tell you that that is not necessarily the case, and studying in Adelaide gives you a myriad of benefits that Universities in other cities just can’t match.


1 – The 20 Minute City

It’s a beautiful thing. Let us remind you that Adelaide is a major metropolitan city, not a country town – we have a Zara guys. Few other capital cities offer the same close distances between University, CBD, affordable living areas, beach, and countryside. Pick a spot on a map of the metropolitan area, draw a 15km radius, and you’ll encapsulate most of them. Studying at Adelaide and UniSA, you’re in the middle of the action, where the hustle and bustle of the city can, for most, be quite the creative encouragement. Plus, office-cafés are in abundance. If you’re at the suburban campuses or Flinders, it’s still not that far from the city. Honesty moment though, the public transport is not excellent. We’re working on it, promise.


2 – Affordable Housing

Okay, paying rent can still hurt like a bitch every week, but we all need to take a minute and imagine rent prices in Melbourne and Sydney. What you’d pay a week here for 3 bedrooms 10 minutes from the CBD, triple it in other cities. With the SA government now making steps (slowly but surely) to make city living more attractive, living in the surrounding suburbs of the city is more affordable.


3 – If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them

Let me tell you all a short story about food trucks. Basically, starting up and running a full on restaurant was super expensive for people, so they discovered that having a mini restaurant on wheels was much more affordable, and they could still cook the food they loved for the people of Adelaide. Now, take this idea, and apply it to a huge variety of industries. Starting up a small business is much more affordable in Adelaide, whether it’s a food truck, a small bar, a design studio, an app, a cleaning company, or anything… Studying in Adelaide gives you a great footing for starting a small business here. With a smaller market and a government that is frothing over small business lately, if you’ve got an idea and a solid business plan, go for it.

One of the many..   via burger theory

One of the many.. via burger theory


4 – Big Fish, Small-ish Pond

We’ve all heard the saying. Adelaide does have limited opportunities in some industries, considering most big business is based on the East Coast. However, Adelaide is the perfect training pool to swim some laps in before you get to the Olympic size one. Whoever moves interstate immediately out of school, resigning to the fact that Adelaide has no opportunities, isn’t going to find it any easier. The career ladder is a real thing, and being a smaller city with a small student population, Adelaide businesses are much more receptive to placements, internships and mentoring – time big business can’t afford. You can pretty easily get your head around the big players in most SA industries, and once you work your way to the top you can decide what to do then. Whoever said there are no opportunities here, hasn’t looked.


5 – Beers

Not kidding. Alcohol is taxed less here than in other cities, drinks are cheaper in bars, and entry fees to big clubs are a fraction of what some East Coast clubs can charge ($30+). Anyone who has studied at Uni for more than 4 weeks knows that stress relief often comes in the form of a jug, pint or sack (goon), if that’s what you’re into. Studying in the city, you’re a couple minutes walk from bars, pubs and clubs, and with jug specials and meal deals, you’ve got even more of a reason. Add to that the amount of pub crawls occurring across the 3 Universities, one of which is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, and another which is endorsed by Karl Stefanovic himself. Drinking was never more of a good idea than it is in Adelaide.