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Oh Deer Sugar Opens Its Doors In Regent Arcade


Oh Deer Sugar Opens Its Doors In Regent Arcade

Rachel Darling

As part of a Renew Adelaide event on Thursday night, Regent Arcade came to life with an array of store openings, store birthdays and a general celebration of South Aussie retailers. While all the Adelaide-made jewellery, fashion and nicknacks were enough to grab our attention, it was our noses that led us to the grand opening of Oh Deer Sugar. 

An Adelaide soap, skin and body company that creates 'food for the skin,' Oh Deer Sugar's products resemble all of your sugary favourites! From cinnamon scrolls to icing-covered dohnuts, lolly-pops to macaroons, these soapy goods are vegan and made from all natural ingredients. The only down side is... you can't actually eat them! Promoted as the ‘non-edible bakery,’ this store allows you to have all the cakes and lollies your heart desires, without those pesky calories coming to ruin the party.

oh deer sugar

From opening time, the new store enjoyed a large flock of people hungry for some new bubbly bath time friends. With cafeteria-style trays to carry all these, the store has an American 'candy store' vibe, with lots of colour, fizz and pop amongst a fresh setup.

Owners and company creators Sharni Rosser and Nikki Merritt were on the frontline of the launch, serving loads of keen customers and doing it with big smiles. 'Tonight was insane,' said Rosser, 'we served over 58 people in just under an hour!'

Company creators, Nikki Merritt and Sharni Rosser

Company creators, Nikki Merritt and Sharni Rosser

Oh Deer Sugar has previously had stockists all over Adelaide, but with the popularity for their candy-themed products growing, the company has now found a more permanent residency amongst other like-minded Adelaidian retailers (who no doubt are loving their new sugary-scented neighbor) at Regent Arcade in the city.

If looking at them, smelling them and immersing yourself in a steamy concoction of them isn’t enough to love these products, you can feel good about yourself during bathtime knowing that every Oh Deer Sugar product is vegan, cruelty-free, hand-crafted and made with natural ingredients! Even the token rubber ducky will be happy about that.

oh deer sugar

With everyone walking around holding products up to their eager nostrils, it was clear that the new space can expect some very big (and nice-smelling) things!

All images by Rachel Darling