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West Thebarton Brothel Party @ Jive


West Thebarton Brothel Party @ Jive

Zoe Walker

If drinking bulk beers and being shoved around a circle pit sounds like something you’re not into; you might want to avoid a WTBP show. Nevertheless, if you are a fan (who wouldn’t be?) and you prefer to remain separate from the hooligans in the front row, you could potentially enjoy a bruise-free night by standing at the back of the crowd. Admittedly, participating in the chaos of the circle pit is somewhat of a rite of passage for any West Theb fan. It’s a sure-fire way to liven the soul, if anything.

Local rock ‘n’ roll kings, Young Offenders started the party with a rattling performance. The four-piece outfit, led by the captivating Kyle Landman on vocals, have been casually rounding up new fans throughout this year. They may be fairly new on the scene but they play like true veterans. You don’t have to look far to find one of their band stickers cheekily slapped around the CBD. Oh you’ll be on the lookout now, won’t you? They truly nail the indie punk sound in their own right and with influences from The Clash and Arctic Monkeys; what could go wrong?

Up next were the charismatic punk rockers from Melbourne, The Pretty Littles. Now, I use the word ‘charismatic’ lightly because they tend to begin songs by saying things like, “this next one is about meth…” Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but the ever-growing crowd at Jive couldn't get enough of it. Everything about this band is outrageous in every sense of the word and we can’t wait to see and hear more of them.  

By the time West Thebarton Brothel Party hit the stage, the crowd was well and truly frothing. There was no messing around before they were in full swing, thrashing guitars, smashing Coopers pale ales and belting out their anthems to a swirling crowd of punters. While the crowd was relentless for the best part of an hour, a clear favourite was their first major track, ‘Chemotherapy’. You just can’t go past a line like, “well I’m stuck in some hospital, and the chemo drugs, they’re kickin’ in. I’m stuck on chemotherapy, it’s shit.” Another favourite that had the crowd chanting was ‘Misophonia’, the first official single of their debut EP. Cheers to Brian on percussion for continuously chugging his beer and spitting/spraying it all over the crowd. The set was concluded with none other than ‘Glenn McGrath’, which might just be the most unapologetic Aussie pub rock song ever. The panting crowd cried out, “Oo, aah, Glenn McGrath!!” as they geared themselves up for one last raucous riot.

Witnessing WTBP perform is kind of like watching your mate’s band. Except your mate’s band is really, really good. These guys continue to be one of the best live acts goin’ round and they’re only getting better. They’ll be finishing off their EP tour in Sydney next Friday night and we’re certain they’ve picked up many new fans throughout their first interstate tour. 

They recently announced that they will be joining fellow locals, Bad//Dreems in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide on their upcoming album tour for 'Dogs At Bay'. You'll be spewing if you miss out on tickets for the Adelaide show on Friday September 25th at Fowler's Live. Get 'em here! 

Header image via WTBP Facebook page