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THE MARKET KITCHEN: A revolutionary experience in fine food and beer


THE MARKET KITCHEN: A revolutionary experience in fine food and beer

Rachel Darling

For those of us who go out of our way to find the hidden gems in the ever-impressive culinary scene that is Adelaide, it can sometimes be a challenge to find something that is truly unique- something that surprises us, inspires us and really embraces the true culture of Adelaide. However, it seems that this illusive experience has been under our noses this whole time, or to be precise- over the top of us! We're talking about The Market Kitchen (which can be found on the first floor of the Adelaide Central Markets) and the many food-and-drink-related events that have been going on there while market-goers bustle away underneath.

Last Friday night, it was 'Butchers Block,' an event where guests could meet the butchers of the Adelaide Central Market and watch, smell and taste as they cooked their best cuts of meat on The Market Kitchen balcony. Think you know the markets? Not like this, you don't!

pirate life beer

While some food and tasting events are very structured (think: 'ok, everyone sitting in their places, please take out your menus and turn to page eight...) the Butchers Block event was refreshingly different, allowing guests to arrive in a casual manner and presenting them with a free beer and kale chips (to tickle the delights of those of us who are beer lovers AND health-consious!). Supported by Pirate Life brewery, the event-goers were kept well hydrated with their delicious range of beers while also enjoying background music provided by live Adelaide cover band, The Cast.

While this event would be seen as more a 'tasting' than a full-scale dinner, there was definitely plenty to go around. Waiters wandered through the crowd of guests offering samples of different appetisers and meats- which were all scrumptious! The boutique beers, exposed brick and spruces of lavender really created the effect of being at a close mates kitchen (one who REALLY knows how to cook) rather than an organised cooking event. All for $35... you really can't go wrong!

butchers block central markets

While you could definitely consider this a 'high-brow' event in terms of the culinary standards, don't be expecting a snoozy time! Although the overall vibe was a chilled one, the room was definitely getting rowdy with people starting to dance and sing along to the band. This may also be because The Market Kitchen is open for drinks from 9pm on these nights, even if you can't make it to the dinner (although you wouldn't want to miss it!)

It isn't often you try a new experience and think 'I am DEFINITELY doing that again!' However, attending a food event at The Market Kitchen will certainly induce that sentence in any foodie's brain. Luckily, events run frequently, changing all the time (good news for the vegetarians out there!). Functions, cooking classes and world cuisine cooking courses are also available. What does this kitchen NOT have?! You will not be disappointed (but definitely well-fed!).

For more information, visit The Central Market Kitchen Official Website 

All images taken by Rachel Darling