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T Bar's Delicious New Super Food Hybrid


T Bar's Delicious New Super Food Hybrid

Nathan Seppelt

It’s customary for hotels in India to serve guests a drink on check-in. This is as much about introducing the guests to a local flavour as it is an act of hospitality. At Coconut Lagoon, in the Indian state of Kerala, you’re welcomed with fresh coconut water. Kerala’s popularly known as the land of the coconut and the coconut tree is one of it’s state symbols, so coconut water is a pretty fitting choice of refreshment.

What you get, arriving at Coconut Lagoon on a 40+ degree day, is a still-green, baby-young coconut with a straw stuck in a hole hewn in its top.

This is one way to drink coconut water, and the one and only word I can think of that truly describes the taste is: blucky. So perhaps the anecdotal proposition that, where t is how tasty something is and h is how good it is for you, t is inversely proportionate to h. The worse something tastes, the better it is for you. Aware of the health benefits often linked to coconut water, and my own experience (trying) to drink it that hot day in India, I might be inclined to believe the above proposition.

Bearing the weight of my own scepticism, I snuck my way into T Bar’s 'King Coconut Water' launch at T Bar’s Central Market store on Thursday night to find out what they were up to.

T Bar's King Coconut Water Black Iced Tea

T Bar's King Coconut Water Black Iced Tea

The T Bar team have cracked a truly delicious way to drink coconut water, it turns out. It’s a pretty inspired idea, but given what T Bar do (and do really well) it shouldn’t be a surprising one. They’ve paired it with iced tea.

This is a proper, grown-up iced tea drink as well.

T Bar are focusing on the double-whammy of benefits of combining “2 of the world’s super foods into one bottle”, and they’ve included only coconut water, tea, and lime juice. It has that elusive brewed-just-right flavour, isn’t over sweet, and has unique (and very satisfying) fragrance and aftertaste it owes to the coconut water.

I managed to jot only three words into my notebook (if I’m being honest: I mean my iPhone) the whole evening. I was far too distracted tasting the King Coconut Water Iced Teas (which comes in black or green Ceylon), their iced tea cocktail (note for Summer: King Coconut Water Iced Tea, Malibu, pineapple juice), and their huge and delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres. Oh, and nattering about tea.

All I wrote: simple, healthy, delicious.

The King Coconut Water Iced Teas are available from T Bar now.