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So It Goes - Kate Anderson Out On Her Own


So It Goes - Kate Anderson Out On Her Own

Paige Kerin

For anyone, stepping out on your own is hard. We’ve all had times in our life when the next stage seems too far out of reach, and staying right where we are is the easiest way. For Kate Anderson, re-establishing herself as a fashion designer under her own label was something she knew she had to do. After successful beginnings in her career as Head Designer for Finders Keepers, Kate felt ready to move on. So It Goes…


After a few glasses of wine while pondering life with a friend (as all good things start), Kate knew it was time to do her own thing. The pair soon came up with a concept and a name, realising it was time for her to design with herself as the customer in mind. “SIG really is me designing for myself, and what I would like to wear”, she clarifies, “It’s about easy wearing pieces, about casual dressing but still being fashionable”.


The SIG girl Kate described is the girl who looks like she put no effort in, still wants to be stylish, and looks comfortable AF. “Its about comfort, still feeling good about yourself but not taking too much time”. For Kate, the new label is not only a fashion line, but a full lifestyle transition embodied by the SIG girl.


As you can imagine, the name So It Goes is inspired by this transition of her life from being part of a major international fashion house, to going out on her own. “[It’s] my philosophy in how I go about life; get on with it, keep moving. You have to be adaptable these days”, she said. In terms of her process as a designer, things will still go the same way. Though Kate now has the advantage of looking at the range with herself as the customer in mind. “I’m looking at it from my perspective and thinking, ‘would I wear that, if not why, and what should I change’”.


With someone who has so much talent and notoriety (Kate was named Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Designer of the Year last year), it’s surprising someone like her hasn’t moved to the East Coast. Thankfully, Kate is in complete support of Adelaide as a growing city, especially in regards to fashion and design. “There’s so much happening in Adelaide so it’s a great time to be here. People ask me why I haven’t moved to Sydney or Melbourne yet, but I’ve got a great support network and also there are some amazing people here”.


In a fashion scene dominated by names like Paolo Seabstian, Simmone Standing and Sally Phillips, Kate is more than happy to join the group of up-and-coming individual designers staking a claim in Adelaide. “Being Adelaide, everyone’s so lovely and everyone wants to support everyone else and get behind them”.

What’s next? As many designers aspire, an international reach is the next step. She hopes to expand to the US market, which has an appreciation for ‘all things Australian at the moment’, as Kate explains. For now, Kate will debut her label to Adelaide before the rest of Australia, and the World, to buy online. You’ll be able to experience SIG the Label for the first time at the 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival in the Ready-to-Wear show. Head to the website for details and to by tickets. 


Header Image via Kate Anderson.
All other photos taken by Paige Kerin