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Post Splendour Blues? It's okay, Falls is on the horizon!


Post Splendour Blues? It's okay, Falls is on the horizon!

Jason Katsaras

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you'd know that Splendour in The Grass occurred over the weekend. Countless posts through Instagram and Facebook from everyone's favourite artists have served to remind us what exactly we're missing out on.

However, Splendour is over, and there is only so much re-viewing and oggling of pictures and videos that one can do before you have to eventually move on and head back into the daily grind.

It is therefore time to clean off the mud and think of the future, or if you're like me and spent the entire weekend feeling miserable every time you tuned into Triple J, then rejoice - Falls is nearing!

That's right, the annual Falls Music and Arts Festival will have us frothing at the sure-to-be brilliant line up, pleasuring our ear-holes this coming Monday!

Surely over the past few weeks you've had that eureka moment where you've thought to yourself, 'Falls is the answer', well it's time to act.

For me personally, that moment came after hearing The Smith Street Band play perhaps their best ever set to their biggest ever crowd at Splendour, following which I vowed not to miss out on any such spectacle in the future.

So who will be in the lineup? Will it be  a healthy dose of Aussie acts that we know, love and want to see more of, or will it also feature a couple of international stars? Only time will tell. In the meantime, it's time to round up your mates and get organised (or get your shit together -  whichever you prefer).

The festival will again take place in its three established locations of Lorne in Victoria, Marion bay in Tasmania and Byron Bay in New South Wales over the new year.

Here at Radelaide we'd love to see local acts like Bad//Dreems or Sincerely, Grizzly take out a spot in the lineup, but its almost certainly going to be a brilliant selection of artists either way.

So get cracking Adelaide, Falls is coming!

For more information on the Falls Festival visit their Official Website