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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Sabaii, Inspired Bohemian Beauty


Sabaii, Inspired Bohemian Beauty

Alana Trezise

A born and bred Adelaidian, Laura Taraniuk is the brain behind bohemian inspired brand, Sabaii. Having lived a life around the East Coast, Laura considers herself a bit of a gypsy. "I don't brush my hair often and I hate wearing shoes. I need to travel more to every corner with India, Morocco and Japan calling my name hard," she says.

Besides Sabaii, Laura makes a mean cup of coffee at Big Table in the central markets. With an eternal love for a life less complicated, she spends a lot of time at the beach, surfing and spending time by the ocean. 

We stepped into the world of Sabaii to find out what inspires the brand, its name and its style.

Tell us a bit about Sabaii...

Sabaii Is a luxury, bohemian inspired, leather label. Designed here in Adelaide. Every bag is carefully constructed by hand using 100% ethically sourced buffalo leather and natural elements. 

We love the bohemian style that you've got going on. What was your inspiration behind making the bags?

My inspiration to start Sabaii came from a need for more than the typical 9-5. I wanted lifestyle that would fuse my love of travel and my passion for design into one, this is also where the bohemian vibes come from. It's a little piece of who I am. The designs are simple, yet elegant, raw, yet luxurious, well presented but wild. As for working with leather, it is not something I imagined myself doing but I have fallen into it and am loving the journey. 

Could you tell us about your process?

It's hard to say as it's just the beginning and this initial order has been a long time coming. Generally, I will get an idea or concept in my head and sketch out a rough collection. I clean it up and put together a design brief for my team to follow and have sample pieces made up. I usually start from one main design and work around the aesthetics of this paying attention to leather, fabrics, colours, textures, details and then form a collection around this. This process can take anywhere from 3-9 months to finalise and make sure everything is perfect, it's a long process but worth the results.

How did the name Sabaii come about?

So happy you asked that question! Sabaii is a thai word, one of the first I learnt so [it] has special meaning to me. It loosely translates to 'everything is all good, it's all chill' this is the essence behind what I do and the way I choose to live and work, and fuse the two together. For me it's about an emotion and a feeling of freedom, adventure and forever wanderlust. 

That's awesome! Do you draw inspiration from any other designers?

Not as such, I admire other designers and the approach they have in their own labels and business. It's inspiring to see such diverse talent hitting the globe at the moment. Two of my favourites are Balmain & bless'ed are the meek

How do you think the Adelaide fashion industry compares to the rest of Australia? 

Over the last 3-4 years Adelaide has developed its own sense of style and movement in fashion. I think the youth of Adelaide are stepping up in this industry. The benefits of collaboration and use of the Internet has seen a huge influx of creativity in all forms and it's creating this positive melting pot all over our little city. I'm loving the fact that we are seeing the benefit of our small town and realising we don't need to migrate interstate anymore to follow our dreams, we're making them happen here and the rest of the world is starting to pay attention. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

Vision! Without this you won't succeed. I believe if you want something bad enough you have to go for it, wholeheartedly. Be true to yourself as this will always shine through your work. Know your passions, create plans, have a strong vision and most importantly be prepared to work really hard, every day for what you want. I've found that running my own business is more than what I imagined it to be and its constant go but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

What's in store in the future for Sabaii?

Many things! I have some amazing campaigns coming up internationally and nationally, with some well know faces which is super exciting. I am looking now at establishing Sabaii into selected boutiques across AU and globally, with my sights set high on the US. I can't give too much away but you can expect big things from us over the next 2 years!

Where can we find your bags to purchase in the mean time?

Currently we are stocked in Sooki Boutique on the parade and city stores. We are always on the hunt for stockists, but in the meantime you can shop our entire collection through our online boutique , follow us on Instagram: @_sabaii_ and Facebook: Sabaii Bohemian Apparel. We also have Tumblr: Sabaii Bohemian Apparel, Twitter: @sabaiioffcial 


All images via Sabaii