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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Greasers- DIY Motorcycle Garage


Greasers- DIY Motorcycle Garage

Brittany Evins

Yes, you have heard right, Adelaide’s first DIY Motorcycle Garage is coming! Not only will it be a motorcycle enthusiast’s dream, it’s a space you can use to service, rebuild and get your hands dirty on your own bike. Because, just like wearing socks and sandals out in public is generally frowned upon…

So is fixing up your 2009 Harley Davidson in the back room of your mum’s house. 

But what other option do you have right? ... Wrong! Meet your new best friends and owners of Greasers, Adelaide’s first DIY Motorcycle Garage, Gerrard and Josephine.

It’s a classic story of the corporate tattoo-junkie entrepreneur and Maori vintage motorcycle nut, who fell in love, and had a dream to develop Adelaide’s newest motorcycle garage with a twist. Gerrard and Josephine started their workshop in 2014 doing small engine rebuilds and services. However, with many motorbike owners reaching out to them for a better understanding of motorcycle maintenance, they were struggling to keep up with demand. So, they’ve kick-started a crowd-funding campaign to generate a cash-injection to set up a new inner city DIY garage.

An annual membership* at Greasers allows you exclusive access to garage space and tools to work on their own motorcycles. Memberships also include, the aid of training classes on motorcycle maintenance and repair and in the future regular events, organised rides and even a rockabilly-themed eatery.

So, what is the new Greasers?

Greasers is a place for you to share your passion and drive for motorcycles with other riders or enthusiasts.

·       A co-working space to fix-up your own bike.

·       An educational space where you can learn about bike maintenance.

·       A place for riders to meet before and after casual rides.

·       A member orientated community with a strong community bond.

·       An organisation that creates events, training and membership benefits.

·       An environment designed for growing Adelaide’s base of motorcycle enthusiasts.

·       A company that works with existing workshops and motorcycle business to provide Adelaide riders with the best Adelaide has to offer.

“We have been hatching a plan to create an inner-city hub and community for Adelaide’s motorcycle lovers for a while now,” Gerrard explains, “by partnering with other business and individuals we’re hoping to build our collective expertise to help each other out and have lots of fun while doing it!”

The couple have a target fundraising amount of $30,000, which will be funded through up-front purchase of membership pledges and sponsorships through a Pozible campaign wrapping up on August 24.

Support Greasers and Adelaide’s motorcycle community by attending their movie night screening of Terminator Genisys, on Thursday July 23. Tickets include a drink on arrival, movie ticket and a Greasers Goodie Bag, which can be purchased at the link below.

*For detailed membership pricing go to or

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