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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans, Louisiana

Paige Kerin

The West End seems to be booming, but the East End is set to be the comeback kid, starting with the opening of Nola.

The New Orleans Inspired craft beer and whiskey bar will set up shop in the old stables in the East End Markets. The venture comes from four young lads who bonded over a simple love of beer. Inspired by the origins of its digs, Nola is set to be a venue full of history and character.


There’s something a bit different about Nola; it will focus heavily on craft beers and independent brewers. As well as offering craft beers, Nola has a curated list of over 70 whiskeys and grain based spirits from around the world, but particularly from the US and Australia. So for all you whiskey drinkers out there, you’ll definitely be amongst friends.

Nola will focus on heavy support for independent brewers, with 16 taps and an additional list of bottled beer. We’re talking favourites like Prancing Pony, Pirate Life and Little Bang.

"One of the exciting things about our venue is we are determined tons of support to the little guy. We want to give them a unique venue to sell their product. We feel it's a mini revolution for craft brewers", said co-owner Oliver Brown. 

Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? There’s a catch. Craft Beer is for independent brewers, a way of life, and their passion. These breweries however, aren’t as large or as wealthy as the big boys (Coopers, West End etc). Many of you who haven’t ventured into hospitality before may not realise that taps in pubs and bars are often owned by the big breweries, who enter into contracts with venues to have their beers poured. This can mean big bucks, which small breweries starting on their own feet can’t often afford.

Nola will pride itself on having taps independent of contracts, and prioritising showcasing the best beers that can be offered locally, nationally and internationally. On this note, they’re starting a crowd-funding campaign called Tipping for Taps, that will help support local and independent breweries afford to buy taps.

This way, we can all drink delicious craft beer. Everybody wins! The campaign goes live on August 3rd on Pozible, and for all those who get involved Nola is pleased to offer you many free goodies in return including sick merch, VIP events, beer and whiskey tastings and more.

Nola opens very, very soon. For more information, follow Nola on Facebook.

Images courtesy of Nola