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Escaping the Adventure Rooms Adelaide


Escaping the Adventure Rooms Adelaide

Paige Kerin

I had never heard of escape rooms before I got acquainted with Adventure Rooms Adelaide, but after being informed and indeed, escaping the Adventure Rooms, I’m officially on the bandwagon.

Austin, Fergus and Shannon Tremaine are the team behind bringing the first ever Adventure Rooms to Adelaide, established in the centre of everything, Rundle Mall. After discovering the craze in Europe, where it’s a wildly popular attraction both with residents and tourists, they decided we needed it here in Radelaide. Designed by a physics teacher in Bern, Switzerland, who wanted new ways to challenge his kids’ minds, the format is actually quite simple. You’re put in a room, and you have one hour to escape. The tricky part is the process whereby you have to solve clues, puzzles and various tasks to get out.

Shannon and Austin Tremaine,  Picture via Dylan Coker/Adelaide Now

Shannon and Austin Tremaine, Picture via Dylan Coker/Adelaide Now

Think I’m being annoyingly vague? We’re aware. The whole experience is the escape itself, so unfortunately we can’t give away the secrets. You’re going to have to trust This is Radelaide’s solid reputation in knowing a fun thing when we see/do it, and try it yourself.

Now to dispel a couple of thoughts you may be having. First of all, it’s not like the Saw movies, if you get to the end of the hour you are indeed allowed out. Second, you don't need to wear gym gear and stretch before you do it, this is purely an adventure of the mind. Finally, this isn’t some sneaky way to get you to do boring team bonding activities with your workplace/club/friends. Of course, there is a team work aspect to it, but that actually turns out to be the great fun of it. Team Radelaide tried the rooms and we’re pleased to inform you, we escaped with 4 minutes to spare. These are some of the things we were saying at the end of it all (*still vague comments)

Before going in I couldn’t envision how problem solving was going to be fun, but then it really was.

We didn’t know each other very well at the start, but within 5 minutes we felt like we did

 You had to think outside the box… Or in the box?

You think something’s easy to figure out, but then maybe it’s way harder than that, but no, it must be simple

 We kept thinking we were doing it wrong, but there isn’t a yes or no answer to everything

It’s great to have more people, everyone thinks differently

It teaches you to come together

 You think you can figure out something by yourself, but you need other brains


While it is a great alternative to traditional team building days at workplaces, it is also just a super fun thing to do with mates. Rather than sit around drinking beers in a pub (which you can do straight afterwards), Adventure Rooms gets you thinking, laughing, squealing (in my case) and so many other feels.

Groups can be a minimum of about 2-7, or a group of 14 who can play in dual format, ranging from $28-$36 a person depending on the size.

For more information and to book (which we suggest you do) head to