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REVIEW: Hot Dub Time Machine


REVIEW: Hot Dub Time Machine

Brittany Evins

After a muddy appearance at Grovin’ The Moo, Hot Dub Time Machine returned to Radelaide to Rock around the clock once again- and boy did he take it up a notch. In typical Hot Dub fashion, songs were played in chronological order from 1954 to 2015 with his set being mashed live from his vinyl turntables. DJ Tom Loud took you from the twists and shimmies through to your best fist pump, whip and Nae Nae.

With the perfect heritage backdrop of Thebarton Thearte, not only did the historical venue have perfect acoustics, the layout of the venue was ideal. For the real party ravers, the floor in front of the stage was where it was at. Person-to-person ratio was ideal, with just enough people to feel that when you start dancing like an idiot no one will notice.

For those introverted individuals, the side balconies were the perfect destination. There was the perfect amount of room to allow everyone to groove on through the 80’s—rockin’ the sprinkler, the lawnmower and the shopping cart—plenty of room to rock your best party, and ‘ol school moves, nobody could ‘Beat It’ as the view towered over the stage and crowd.

From twists and shimmies to popping and locking, the partying was contagious as the bass and treble rolled through you. Each era had the perfect balance of the extremely obnoxious and outrageously catchy tunes to the real party rave tunes, which got your whole body jumping. ‘We like to party, we like, we like to party’ was the tune on everyone’s lips as they braved the ‘Sandstorm’,  as the songs were flawlessly mixed and faded to create the best vibes.

DJ Tom Loud has been kicking through the ages since 2011 with numerous sell out tours throughout Australia. The most classic music from Cut Copy, Daarude, Avicii, Peking Duk, 2Pac, Outkast, Beyonce and so many more integral artists of our childhoods. DJ Tom Loud throughout the set was unbelievable, managing to mix his decks to the greatest songs of all time, whilst throwing huge blown-up beach balls, groovin’ and parting like no one you have ever seen. From 9pm till 12am, the vibrant energy and party vibes that were DJ Tom Loud, was unstoppable. The personality and passion was evident through the songs, although his constant groove kept everyone dancing until they left Thebarton Theatre dripping with sweat.

All photos taken by Brittany Evins