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Zoë Elizabeth: Daring and Experimental


Zoë Elizabeth: Daring and Experimental

Mirna Taslidza

At the humble age of 19, Zoe Woolmore is already on her way to forging a successful career in fashion design. The talented Adelaidian recently launched her self titled label Zoë Elizabeth; an eclectic mix of daring, experimental and free-spirited designs in easy to wear and flattering  silhouettes.

Designed and manufactured by Woolmore herself; creativity, originality and quality can be guaranteed.

This is RADL caught up with the budding fashion designer to discover more about Zoë Elizabeth, inspirations behind the designs and label, future aspirations.

Image via Zoë Elizabeth website

Image via Zoë Elizabeth website

Congratulations on recently launching you’re A/W 2015 collection! Can you shed some light on what Zoë Elizabeth the label is and how it was established? 

Thank-you! Zoë Elizabeth was established in 2014, it was always my dream to run a fashion label so when I finished school and went TAFE and learnt a lot more about design I just decided to jump in and do it. Zoë Elizabeth the label is devoted to the passionate, daring, experimental and free-spirited. My label is constantly evolving is aesthetics, and is always bringing fresh styles and timeless pieces to customers.

You're quite a young fashion designer, how did you get involved fashion design? 

Fashion has always been something that I grew up loving, my mum was an embroiderer and would always be sewing and making me beautiful clothes. I never took much of an interest in anything else other than fashion or art and I would literally sit in class all day sketching and then I realised at a very young age that becoming a fashion designer was my dream.

Where do you find inspiration from when designing a collection? 

I find inspiration in a lot of things. It depends what mood I'm in and what im aiming for my collection to invoke. Im very conscious of not following the latest trends when I design, as I want Zoë Elizabeth to be pieces that women can wear and re-wear for years and still be timeless and fresh with that Zoë Elizabeth edge to it. I find great inspiration in street style as it’s the closest thing to understanding what women are actually wearing, where they see fashion going and whats the mood for the season.   

Image via Zoë Elizabeth website

Image via Zoë Elizabeth website

 What other fashion labels and designers do you look up to and why? 

I have a huge variety of designers I look up to past and present. I love current designers such as Victoria Beckham, The row and local designer Sally Phillips- they are true to themselves and have a distinct view of fashion which I admire. Past designers such as Valentino, Yves St Laurent and Balenciaga are the ultimate designers they will always maintain a huge influence on fashion and will continue to inspire designers for a very long time.  

What is the process for creating a whole seasonal collection

Each season its always different and exciting. It’s starts with me finding an inspiration and then exploring that and experimenting with new cuts and designs as well as different colours and fabrics. Its a very hectic and time consuming process especially because, I design and make the collection however its an amazing feeling once I see ideas, I've sketched out come real and theres nothing more fulfilling than seeing my pieces on Zoë Elizabeth customers. 

The ‘Observations’ top is a personal favourite of mine. What’s your favourite piece from this collection? 

Thanks so much! That’s definitely been a favourite this collection. I have a few favourites for different reasons like the 'JUMUNJI' top and pants because there fun and really easy to wear. The 'PROGRESSION' coat is a top favourite for its seriously flattering fit and effortlessly cool look. The ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ Fur vest has been very popular because its so comfortable and is my favourite throw on piece I'm always wearing it!

Who are your style icons? 

I have heaps! But, I'm a sucker for old Hollywood style icons like Bette Davis, Grace Kelly and Vivien Leigh who’s characters were all dressed by the iconic costume designer Edith Head- a personal icon to me. I grew up watching them and they were a huge impact on what made me fall in love with fashion and especially, understand from a young age the importance of making women look strong and independent, I was just mesmerised by it. 

Image via Zoe Elizabeth website

Image via Zoe Elizabeth website

Your garments are manufactured here in Adelaide? Why did you chose to manufacture here instead of overseas where production costs are apparently lower? 

Yes they are! Currently I'm the designer and manufacturer, I just decided to start my label small and see how it goes and I initially wanted to be apart of all the processes that go into running a label. It's definitely a possibility in the future to manufacture overseas or work with manufacturers within Australia however, I like that Zoë Elizabeth has a difference to most labels in that its made locally and by the designer at an affordable price. 

If you could have one ‘muse’ to wear your creations, who would it be and why

Thats a tough one! Im not inspired by just one ‘muse’, I love Cara Delevigne and Rihanna for their strong fashion choices and their experimental sense of style. However, I find that my greatest ‘muse’ are my friends and my customers, when I design I think of them and their willingness to try new looks as well as there inspiring outlook towards fashion and everyday life.

Where do you hope to see Zoë Elizabeth in say 5 years time? 

I want Zoë Elizabeth to still be going strong and continue to be growing. Maybe take part in a Fashion Week but most importantly, still be designing exciting and fresh pieces that my customers will be able to wear seasons later and still look timeless and on point.  

Header image via Zoë Elizabeth website