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Adelaide, SA, 5000

Topham Mall Is Where It's At


Topham Mall Is Where It's At

Bonnie McBride

Adelaide has really got it going on these past couple years, and 2015 is no different, with a special thanks to Renew Adelaide. In the past, they have helped bring to fruition Have You Met Charlie?, Ancient World and Pickle in the Middle. Now in a stroke of genius Topham Mall, which currently sees about 15,000 people walk through its out-dated walls every day, will be given the Renew Adelaide treatment.

Topham trailblazer Kang Kong started the party early when they launched earlier this year and their idea to chuck a coffee cart out front has already gathered some loyal followers. Then Lady Burra came along to blow our brewery beliefs out of the barrel.

Now we can welcome five more spots to the Topham Mall team…

The Beigelry
Using recipes that date back to early 1900’s New York, Brendan Petty & Hong Pham know a thing or two about bagels. With schmears including jalapeno cream cheese, nutella and peanut butter & jelly they are sure to find some fans of the doughy delicacy. You can also get bagels filled with pastrami, mustard & cream cheese, smoked salmon & cream cheese or turkey & cranberry. Basically, a love of cream cheese doesn’t hurt but they also have vegan cream cheese. They also serve up American style diner coffee with a bottomless cup for $5 that will have you re-living every buddy cop movie from your childhood.

The Beigelry

BookNook & Bean
Coffee and books go together like wine and theatre or pizza and Netflix. Now Katherine and Paul Arguile have created a space in which you can enjoy them both together, while also making a difference. The BookNook sets itself up as a ‘Self service pre-loved book shop’ so customers can donate or buy a book, which goes into the honesty fund on the shelf. Coffee comes from local legend De Groot and all proceeds from book sales go to Kiva, which is a not-for-profit organisation that provides microloans to people in areas of poverty. When the loans are paid back they will put it into another Kiva microloan. The Bean in BookNook & Bean can also come in the form of specialty lattes such as chai, carob and matcha green tea, while hot chocolates from Grounded Pleasures come in dark, white, orange, mint, cinnamon and chilli.

BookNook & Bean

The Coco Stop
Chocolate already seems pretty beautiful to many people but at The Coco Stop they take it to the next level. Using couverture chocolate, which has a higher cocoa butter content, Phil and Ama create blocks that incorporate golden kiwi, lemon myrtle, bee pollen, matcha raspberry and more. They also have cakes on offer that are equally as gorgeous and could be flourless hazelnut torte or chocolate and beetroot. If your blood sugar is still too low then get on board their real hot chocolates that come in white, milk or dark for $5 a pop.


The Flower Nook
Sophie Kresevic of The Flower Nook has scored herself a prime spot in the Topham Mall walkway, and in return she has added some much needed life and colour, which is sure to brighten people’s days. Handpainted succulent pots, terrariums, Upon a Time Designs greeting cards and prints can also be found in The Flower Nook, which makes perfect use of its small space thanks in large part to Kresevic’s interior architecture skills. Keep your eyes peeled for native flowers such as banksias and billy buttons.

The Flower Nook

This one is a little harder to describe. Transform is a showroom created by artist Matea Gluscevic and architect Richard Le Messurier, which they describe as an artwork in itself. It takes a minimalist approach but every piece of furniture and homeware in the room is for sale and handmade in South Australia. It is an interesting combination of art gallery, performance venue and furniture shop that has to be experienced to gather a full understanding of what it’s about. 



All of the new Topham Mall stores are open as of Monday the 29th of June and if you want to experience all of them at once here's my Ten minutes at Topham Tips:

  • Hit up the Beigelry for a pastrami, mustard and cream cheese 
  • Head next door to the BookNook & Bean, get a DeGroot coffee to go and leave behind your old copy of Catcher in the Rye that you never read outside of year 12
  • Pop past The Coco Stop and pick up a pretty block of chocolate for your favourite person, just because (guaranteed to get you in some good books)
  • Take a seat out the front of BookNook & Bean and enjoy your bagel and coffee while you peek into Transform and day dream about the time when you will be able to afford furniture that you don't have to make yourself. Bank it to your mental wish list.
  • On your way out pick up a mini terrarium from the Flower Nook to brighten up your workspace and give your desk that hipster cafe look. 

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All body images via Renew Adelaide 
Cover image via The Flower Nook