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Tenderfoot On Tour


Tenderfoot On Tour

Paige Kerin

Remember those 3 young Adelaideans who casually invented an app? Reckon they've had a quiet year? Yeah, nah.

Tenderfoot, the travel app created by Lucas Lovell, Mitch Pascoe and Charles Inglis has taken off in less than a year of operating. Their downloads continue to increase and they now have presence in over 100 countries. Their app has been on the app store since its beginnings, and was even one of the best new apps for a while. Never fear, Android users, they've just released the Android version of the app too. 


If you haven't gotten onto the app yet, it's high time you do. Essentially, it's a social networking service tailored for travelling, because you don't need an internet connection to use it! When you're travelling around and avoiding data usage like the plague, Wi-Fi isn't always easy to come by. Another thing that happens when you travel is meeting a lot of amazing people. With Tenderfoot, you can connect with friends you make while travelling and keep in touch with them after you've parted ways - without internet. 

In other news, Tenderfoot has taken off on a tour up the coast to spread the word outside of Radelaide. Collaborating with RedBalloon, throughout July Lucas and Mitch will be driving up the coast in an impressively bright orange car to let more people in on the fun. For a travel app, it's important that the boys... well, travel! 


"We're taking a real boots-on-the-ground approach this time" said co-founder Lucas. "The most successful apps became successful through word of mouth, so that's what we're aiming for." While the short-term plan is to spread the word around Australia, the creators definitely have their sights set on world domination. "The second limb of the Tenderfoot Tour is to showcase Australia to the world".

The Tenderfoot Tour will be passing through Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney Jindabyne (Perisher Blue and Thredbo) and Melbourne, so if you have mates in any of these places make sure you let them know to keep a look out for the bright orange car! You can also keep in touch with them on social media, using the #tenderfoottour hashtag. There'll be free stuff (the best kind of stuff) and best of all you can hang with the inspiring young guys behind the app. 

Check out the Tenderfoot Blog for more information 

Photos courtesy of Tenderfoot